Wednesday, May 5, 2010

luscious neutrals

 about 6x7 pastel and watercolor on pumiced watercolor paper
Beauty in the mundane. I could only drive 2 miles then stop and paint. I stopped at a soccer field, the light was beautiful. It was good practice in remembering since the light I loved lasted about 15 minutes, then the sun came out full force. It was important to give my full attention to color temperature and to find those luscious neutrals that can make light sing.
Thank you Donna! This was another piece of your paper.


Donna T said...

I wish someone could make a video of you painting in this kind of light Loriann. You must really know what you're doing to be able to do it so quickly! Nice painting! So you purposely surround the areas of light (your subject) with neutrals to make them stand out more? Is this another instance of simultaneous contrast - light vs. dark, pure color vs. neutral?

loriann said...

Hi Donna, I wish I could say i knew what I was doing. :-)I can't say that I purposely surrounded the area of light with neutrals. Only that I noticed how the low haze made the colors more diffuse and grayed so I kept control there. To me the "diva" was the neutral area so all my excitement is there. Small plays of color temperature changes within the neutrals were the key. Simultaneous contrast is the answer for everything isn't it?

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Beautiful! Is there a watercolor under painting?

loriann said...

Hi Katherine, Yes there car was nearby so I dried it instantly with the heater. Thank you.