Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the paintings keep coming..ten more

22. the magic hour, 8x10

23. soft greens 8x8

24. as night slips to dawn 6x16

25. whim 

26. without pausing, 10x10

27. the air is still moist, 10x10

28. sliver white winters that melt into spring

29. secure, 6x6.5

30. hardly a soul notices, 8x10

Ah, almost done...just three more tomorrow.
One question for you-I have to give a demo on Saturday.What would you want to see if you were there?


Donna T said...

Loriann, thanks so much for posting the paintings that will be in your show. I will try to be at your demo but if we have to 'show' the house I'll be out riding around with the dog instead. I would love to see firsthand how you work your magic with colors; warm transitioning to cool, the placement of the Diva etc. As badly as we need to sell this house I hope no one comes on Saturday! Best wishes for the most successful show ever!

Caroline said...

I would like to see at the demo you painting what feels right to be painting for you at the time. To me all your paintings are very individual in mood and atmosphere, they also strike me as spontaneous works done mostly on the spot depending on time of day or weather conditions.

Casey Klahn said...

I am impressed with the size of your exhibition - 33 works! The unity is in the mood, which is a very art-centric approach. Congratulations!

loriann said...

Donna, Please don't worry about the demo. Secretly I hope no one comes. I am nervous as can be. Thanks for the tips about what you would want to know.

Hi Caroline!
Thank you for the input!

Hi Casey,
You are so right 33 is a lot of work. I hope it's a lucky number. Thank you!

Donna T said...

Gosh, Loriann, there's no reason for you to be nervous about your demo. Most people probably won't know what a pastel is or what it is capable of. You can certainly 'wow' them easily enough! I didn't mean to make you nervous with what I would want to see. I would be happy to see you paint anything!!!

loriann said...

Don't worry Donna. I really appreciate your input...that didn't amke me's just me making me scared. I am always nervous about speaking in front of people I don't know. It's different when it's a a demo I don't know people and I wonder if they will be critical and if I will make sense.. Crazy, eh?