Friday, June 18, 2010

online sale... Yay!!! I think it's working, finally

10x10 pastel and watercolor on Uart    diva in time     200.      

6x6 pastel on BFK        homage to wolf kahn    100.              

5x12 pastel on BFK              sleepless 175.          

5.5 x5.5 pastel and watercolor on Uart         river lace   3           100.  

5x12 pastel on BFK                    hot love SOLD

6.5x5 pastel and watercolor on Uart      lavender waters    100.   

7x7.5 pastel and watercolor on Uart        don't become  ordinary           100.  

7.5 x10 pastel on BFK  hot tamale on cold snow                 $100  

7.5 x12.5 pastel and watercolor on Uart   thaw    SOLD

8,5x13.5 pastel and watercolor on UArt     wait   150  

9x12 pastel on BFK    hope  SOLD

9x15 pastel and watercolor on Uart  through the looking glass   200.  

10x10 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board       calling        200. 

10x10 pastel on BFK             whistler's sauce    150.   

12.5x9 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board   thistles   175.  

9x10 pastel on BFK   devotion      200.      

8x8 pastel and watercolor on UArt  barns, chaos and wolf kahn    200. 

10x10 pastel on BFK           skies of palm springs     175.   

9x9 pastel on BFK        hope and possibilities:christmas morning   200. 

9x12 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board   edge of the world  250.

9x12 pastel and watercolor on marble dust   summer view of frostburg  250.

8x9 pastel and watercolor on Uart say more with less  SOLD
7x7 pastel on BFK  tangerine love 100.  

7x8.5 pastel and watercolor on marble dust    wolves and peace 200. 

8x8 pastel and watercolor on Uart   peas and quiet      200.    

12x9 pastel and watercolor on marble dust  thistles and life's questions  200.

8x8 pastel and watercolor on Uart  sweet pea heaven 200. 

two panels 6x6 each= 6x12" pastel on BFK    adoration     300.      

10x10 pastel on BFK sky's the limit  150. SOLD

I have learned so much in the process of putting these paintings for sale online. What to do and what not to do. This is the 4th time I have had to upload and html code each one with paypal. Last time I posted you could have bought the same painting many times...but I couldn't supply it. Maybe I will write a to do and not to do list to help others... that will be later.

I hope you like them. Feel free to comment even if you are not buying. Once again, any problems please email me.

Cheers!! Loriann
PS All paintings will be shipped priority mail. They are unframed. When you take them to your framer, tell him/her not to spray them, simply mat and frame. Spraying deadens the color. Under glass, pastels will last forever. They remain vibrant with their little crystal sides in tact.


Leah said...

what happened to "sky's the limit"?

loriann said...

ooops I forgot that one! Too many remakes of the site. Only Leah would notice! I will add it! Thanks L1

SamArtDog said...
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Casey Klahn said...

The ones I secretly predict to sell do so. Awesome to see your exhibit online, Loriann!


loriann said...

Hi Casey..I wonder which others you predict will sell. Some of my personal faves are still available. I always love to see what does's funny to me because, often they are not my faves...go figure. I guess artists like different pieces for different reasons. Thanks for checking in and commenting!!!

Leah said...

I noticed because that's the one I want to buy! I have three other favourites though.

loriann said...

Hi Leah,,,that makes sense..which are your other favorites?

Sara Mathewson said...

So many pretty paintings!

I love so many of them.

I do wish you luck with this sale. It is so fun to see them all together like this!

they are really wonderful:)


loriann said...

Thanks so much Sara!!!!!

Leah said...

"devotion", "sleepless, "the diva in time"

loriann said...

Leah, you have picked some of my favorites!!!!

Lisa McShane said...

I like how the paypal function looks - and glad it's working! My fav's are sleepless, say more w/ less, wolves & peace.

Leah said...

When I win the lottery, I'm going to buy them all!

loriann said...

Hi Lisa....paypal, ooh booy.
I like your faves too.

Hi Leah.. when you win the lottery you can come visit me, K?