Wednesday, June 30, 2010

abstract bands of color making distance and marble dust recipe

 about 9x9 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board.
Simplify the composition and just tune in to the beauty of the bands of color.
Intentionally I chose 3 bands (with a gradation on the bottom one) of value without much to signify distance. The only tools were value and color. Warm choices in the trees closest and cooler farther's as simple as that. Of course since the water was still so the muddy bottom affected all the colors.
A few people have asked for a basic marble dust ground recipe. I usually do it like a measuring. But this time I took out those underused measuring cups to give you a recipe.

1 cup gesso
1/4 or so marble dust or fine pumice
and then add water till it reaches the consistency of house paint.
 I would say in the vicinity of 1/8 cup or really depends on your gesso

support- gatorboard (no need to coat other side, masonite, or thick rag paper

I like to spread it with a foam painting brush 1 /12 inch. Sometime I add some more defined brush strokes with a real brush. I really try to keep the stroking haphazard. Make a thin layer, two thins are far better than one thick. I really don't know why that is, it just is.

You can also use acrylic gel medium. I like this as well, but I think the watercolor goes better (read more intense)on the gesso.
When painting I carry my sander so that I can manipulate the surface to to smoother if necessary. I sanded the entire surface for this painting.


Leah said...

The refelection of the sky is breath taking!

One Step Away said...

Like the way blue and purple moves through that space.

loriann said...

Hi Leah, The sky lover that you are I am not surprised that you noticed the reflection. Glad you like it! Thanks for your help last night. Flash is back to her usual tricks;-D

Hi Steve,
Ah, violet the friend to all greens. Thank you!

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, it is so interesting to read about the marble dust and gesso mix, I have heard about it but have not used this method before. When clicking on your beautiful painting I can see that you have applied the mix in a hap hazzard way, you are not applying the mix painted from one side to another but are brushing it on in all directions this certainly adds interest. Could you post a photo fo the foam brush if you get the chance, I am trying to imagine what it looks like. Thanks.

Casey Klahn said...

I can see a trip to the art store will be in order for me. Thanks for the recipe, neighbor.

This image shows the texture very well. But, the color interplay is what pleases me.

SamArtDog said...

You already had an incredibly light touch with the pastel; the marble dust ground makes it even more so. Whispered color.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline,I will post a photo of the brush soon. Try the marble dust you might like it. I think it works well for many types of concepts.

Hi Casey, I think you will like the marble dust mixture. Glad you like the color interplay, that's the real fun part!

Hi Sam!!
How is the ranch? Whispered color, I really like that phrase!

Erik said...

Hi Loriann, love your paintings. I'm going to add it to my blogroll.
About the marble dust recipe, I think Marc Hanson uses a similar recipe but he adds a little acrylic medium to the mix as well to improve the binding.

loriann said...

Thanks Erik!! I will be sure to check out your site too. Sometimes I add golden medium with pumice to it. Just plain gesso makes it whiter. I will check out the acrylic medium and see how it differs. Thanks!