Saturday, June 12, 2010

no sky and online gallery sales Thursday

8x8 pastel and watercolor on Uart
Part of the no sky series, this time at my old haunt, the reservoir. I tried to see how close could I keep the values and still read space.

Now more about the upcoming online sale.
Normally I have not sold from my blog. The purpose of these paintings is first to keep me sharp and learning all the time. Second, they are used as inspiration for bigger studio pieces. Once and a while a small painting makes it to the gallery.
So here it goes... next week on Thursday at 5pm I will post a number of small paintings for sale. They are ones that I either have already used to create bigger paintings or were pieces just made for the love of painting (and keeping sharp.)
If you have requests...paintings you would love to see int he online gallery, just let me know. If it does not have another destination I will put it in the sale. Sounds good, eh?

A special note THANK YOU to my friend, Brian, who has graciously loaned me his camera for the time you may continue to see paintings. Yay Brian! Life is good!


Leah said...

Would that be 6pm Atlantic time? I'll mark my calendar!

loriann said...

That's right Leah! See ya then!

Double "D" said...

Umm, maybe too close.

Caroline said...

Why not create another blog to sell your paintings from, I think Janelle does that. Like that you can keep this blog as your painting journal and the other for purely selling paintings from. Just an idea!

loriann said...

Sounds like a good idea..why would it be best to separate them?