Friday, June 25, 2010

painting what you feel and YOUR voice:3 studies

 color study, done from memory, 6x6 pastel on BFK 6/20
 color study, done from memory overcast sunset, 6x6 pastel on BFK 6/23
8x8 pastel on twinrocker, hot press, buff

Every night I walk to the field and watch the sunset. I don't bring paints or pastels I just walk and watch...anyone who knows me knows I can't sit still. Now I am beginning to make value sketches and color studies, from memory. I am taking it to the studio in order to just record my inner voice, rather than what I see. It's hard to keep away from painting it when I am THERE. Since painting(to me) is more about what is felt rather than what is observed, I need to spend more and more time in the studio.

Think about your voice, what is it and how do you make it known? Long ago in art school you remember being told you had to create "something new." I'll tell you, you really can't create anything new unless you are true to that inner voice. It has to come from inside to be new and real. The solution- paint, paint and paint some more. And remember opinions are nice, but there is only ONE that matters and works like a divining rod.

Now, the studio calls.
PS No one would know that this is a baseball field, with a chain link fence...It is up to me to create the beauty.
PPS i will post more on this one as it develops in oil..... I am altering my working methods.


susan hong-sammons said...

love seeing and hearing your "inner voice." These are magic!

Nika said...

These are very well-observed and true. The value study is awesome.
I like your thoughts on this and the fact that you can't sit still:)

loriann said...

Hi Susan! Thank you!

Hi Nika! I find that talking to myself, saying the colors as I observe them helps. Unlike Inness, I need to run back home and do my little memory painting immediately. Maybe in time I will let it distill more then do it. For me the distilling takes place now after all the observing and the memory pieces.
Can you sit still?

Nika said...

I'll try that, saying colors and values to myself. That's not easy...
Sitting still is even harder:)

loriann said...

It helps, so does closing your eyes once and a while, then visualize.
Sitting still is the worst!

Casey Klahn said...

I'm eager to see your new methods. These past few days of posts are great - your voice is evident.

Casey Klahn said...

I agree with "paint, paint, paint." I also try to look well at what I have painted. Line them up, make mental notes and write them down.

Donna T said...

Nice baseball field, Loriann! It's amazing how inspiring a clump of trees and some morning or evening atmosphere can be! I thought about my "voice" when I went out to paint this morning and I was able to leave more of my colorful underpainting showing instead of covering it up with "real" colors like I usually do. A small step forward!!!

loriann said...

Hi Casey, Thanks about the recent posts. The new methods changes are in oil. More on that soon.
I agree with you also, taking time to view your own work, critique as to what worked and what didn't is an essential tool for one's own growth. Patterns become evident. When I am not painting I am thinking about painting.

Hi Donna!

The magic of atmosphere. Glad to hear you felt a small piece of freedom to sing your voice this morning. Congrats!