Thursday, June 10, 2010

speak softly and carry a big brush

This was my very last painting from the Cumberland trip. I changed the format, again.
This is the underpainting. For the last three months I have been doing my watercolors with 1 inch house brushes. (I feel PB cringe) It takes away any ability to create detail. What little detail I make is left to the pastel.


Double "D" said...

Good Morning B,

It would appear this brush has a lot of character.
The underpainting is very expressive and spontaneous. I have no problem with your brush.
No way I would cringe when you get results like you do. Just for the h of it, why don't you slap a signature on your next underpainting.


Donna T said...

I agree, your underpaintings are works of art in themselves, Loriann. How you can combine color and value in one step to create the structure for your painting always amazes me. You get some nice soft edges with that brush! I like your no-sky painting too. Sometimes I think the brightness of the sky becomes the diva, whether we want it to or not so it's nice to silence 'her' once in awhile.

Sonya Johnson said...

I bought a 1" el-cheapo house brush for doing underpaintings with as well, and it is great for 9x12" and larger pieces.

Seeing how well your underpaintings work, and how they are able to stand on their own, makes me realize that I should be doing them a lot more than I am now!

I really like that you share your process and thoughts with us, Loriann :).

Sally Veach said...

Thank you for sharing, Loriann. I also like the fluidity and expressiveness of the underpainting!

loriann said...

Hi PB!!!! So you didn't cringe, huh? Slap a signature on an underpainting??? That would be like going out to eat in my underwear! I am not sure I could do it. I'll think about it though.

Hi Donna, you are right sometimes the sky takes over. It is the lightest value and sometimes it has some of the most interesting color. Hard to ignore. Thank you!

Thanks Sonya! The el cheapo brushes add a chaos part. Glad to hear that you use them too. When my paintings get bigger than 8x8 I bring out the 2" house brush....but that is not in plein air.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Sally! Sometimes the underpaintings work better than the painting (like in the case of this painting) still I can't stop working in hopes that I might find something better than my "underwear."

Double "D" said...

Ha, are you thinking about signing an underpainting or going out to eat in you uh um, underwear.

Maybe you should sign to avoid causing a scene, although each one of your paintings causes a SCENE ...
HOOOOOOOOOO U OOOOOOOOOO, ... get it? Scene ... I still smell like Geraniums!

SamArtDog said...

You look fine fully dressed, but you're getting a lot of votes for your underwear. I agree.

loriann said...

PB and Sam.. you two are too much!!!!!!