Monday, July 5, 2010


about 8x11 pastel and watercolor on wallis
This post was going to be about humidity and color, but I will have to save that one. Instead it will be about edges. You probably wonder...why edges with this painting?  Where are the edges and why? When I first took the photograph of this I had chopped off the little burnt sienna piece at the bottom. I looked and looked and was almost ready not to post it till I noticed the little piece was missing. It felt essential. That small edge helped make space, without compromising my concept.
The act of controlling your edges is important. Edges make space.  Most of the space in this  painting is very nebulous in order to create the illusion of humidity and refraction.  There are many soft edges, color meeting color with no defined edge. A defined edge makes a focal point and makes one object come forward. You might argue (and maybe I will later) that there are not enough defined edges. The only defined edges are the burnt sienna shore and the sky/ tree line on the left. Since the goal was to create that hot humid light bouncing refracted space, that summertime soup, I tried to use other  tools to create space. Small changes in chroma and value were key.

A light touch and a lot of sensitivity are what edges are about....but then again, you could say that about painting.


Caroline Bray Art said...

Hi Loriann! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm also interested to see where I'll end up with the idea, some days I just don't know! ;) I've added you to my blogroll also, I'm sure peopel will be delighted as I was to discover your style.

Re edges, I always, always feel mine are too hard but I just can't let go to embrace anything softer. Perhaps it's an incurable disease, time will tell...

Donna T said...

You are right, Loriann! That little piece of burnt sienna really adds something. When I crop it out of your painting it's still a nice painting but with that little piece it just feels right. Interesting! I wonder if it works well not only because of its edges but because it's a very warm color in the foreground and it makes the rest of the painting look cooler (relatively in this weather!)and distant. Edges make space ... I'll remember that.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! Edges...hmmmmm. I guess you would say you and I have two different painting styles in regards to edges. So clean and real they make you want to touch the things you suspend. Your style is beautiful in a whole different way. I must say I am real softy for those paintings where the subject and the black become one, without edge, like in the apple on june 22. You do it so beautifully.

Hi Donna, yes, you are right it is an edge and more important a warm edge in the foreground. A necessary one. In this painting I sacrificed edges as a tool to make the focal point. because I felt it would take away from the hazy refraction. Maybe I was wrong. I think I will have to paint it again.