Friday, July 30, 2010

fields, vampires and the Olympic Peninsula

So now I am on the Olympic Peninsula. Hard to believe by the painting, eh? The fact is I am overwhelmed by the differences in the beauty here. The light, the fog, the gigantic trees towering above; I didn't feel connected to it in a way that I could paint. Yet. So after a hike on the Hoh River trail I saw a field. Love at first site. I am a sucker for a field. I KNOW I need to be connected to my subject.

The goal in this was to paint only the negative spaces and let that tell the story for the positive. To explain more fully, I will use the tree as an example. I underpainted a gray violet dark up there. Next I used blue grays and slightly neutralized golds to make the shapes that carved out the tree. Later I added more light bouncing off in the form of blue, purple and green-gray.
Yes, that's me.
On another note entirely...when I made my reservations for this area I thought I chose an "out of the way place." No big hotels- only a few tiny places interspersed in fog. Much to my chagrin I noticed these signs when turning to drive down the dead end road to my place. After talking with the owner of the B&;B I learned that the movie Twilight was made here and that people are just vampire crazy. I have never seen the movie, but I am learning a lot about it just being here. People actually want to feel part the fictional vampire/werewolf story and do it by coming to the area of Forks and La Push. Just because of the movie. It's amazing how movies and books can affect our thoughts.


Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, I am an arm chair traveller! it feels as if I am seeing a whole new world when visiting the places you are going to on your blog. Thank you for sharing that with us. Vampire threat oh my!!!We were watching 'Interview with a Vampire' the movie last night! I haven't seen 'Twilight' either. Have a great stay there. Love the painting!

Donna T said...

Can we trade eyes for a day? I want to be able to see color like you do! You really brought out the best in that field, Loriann.

Nika said...

I'd say you succedded admirably in defining positive space by negative - and more! The color harmony is breathtaking, I want to live in that field. Same goes for your last painting which I didn't comment on.

LOL on the Twilight craze, I remember the gas station clerk staring at me incredulously when she realized I had no idea what that was all about. I figured the setting was overwhelming enough without the vampires.

Casey Klahn said...

Now you know where I'm from. Why I feel better under gray skies, or on a rainy day.

Roosevelt Elk are the largest. Glad you saw a herd.

I have mentioned it at my blog, but my grandfather hiked the beach 100 miles to Hoquiam for work in the depression. The natives rafted him across some rivers, otherwise it was a hike.

Anyway, perhaps you saw Klahn road or maybe my father's homestead - it is right where they make the movie shenanigans. I saw the trailer, but remarked that the trees didn't look big enough (california).

Now I can't resist showing you one painting I did of the area. Sorry to run on at your blog, but it is my home you are touring around!

Nika said...

You're fortunate to grow up and live in the Olympic Peninsula, that's a place of magic. Does it ever get old looking at those trees all the time?
A hundred mile hike sounds good, unless it was very cold. How long did it take your grandfather to get there?
Loriann, I apologize about talking about things not directly related to your artwork on your blog but you started it:).

B Boylan said...

Lorianne, this piece is an award winning piece! You continue to paint better every day and this one is no exception! Love that blue peeking, defining the tree's shape. And those soft, sultry colors in the field....yummy!
I have never seen the movie Twilight either, but know there are a few areas around Portland that seem to get it's share of lookie loos!

loriann said...

Hi Caroline! I am delighted that you are along for the ride! Orcas island is on the schedule for next week! Stay tuned.

Hi Donna!
You do see color..I have seen you paintings!

Hi Nika!
Do you love fields? They have a romantic beauty other places don't. Since I have been hiking all the time Twilight has disappeared.

Hi Casey! I am sorry to say i have not made it that far down the peninsula. I have only gone as far south as Ruby Beach...maybe another time. Thanks for the connection to your painting.
I must admit I do not share your gray sky feelings. I prefer sun and warm, that is when I am happiest. i guess I am a snake or a frog.

Hi Brenda! Thank you so much!!!!

Jala Pfaff said...

Wow, such beauty and vibrancy in this painting!

loriann said...

Thanks Jala!!!!