Thursday, July 8, 2010

new watercolor palette

Yay! I finally replaced my watercolor palette! It had so many cracks in the mixing palette that my paints were starting to leak on my pastels..not good. The new one is the John Pike palette, the one that Richard McKinley recommends. It's thick and sturdy. I wrote the names of the paints and left the photo click and you will see. Here's my list:
alizarin crimson
perylene red
cad orange
hansa yellow deep
aeolian yellow
hansa yellow light
green gold
sap green
cobalt teal
cobalt blue
ultramarine blue
rose of ultramarine
burnt sienna
quid burnt sienna
indian yellow

Now I am on my way to the airport, Washington State bound. I will take my yearly workshop with Richard, it's like going for my yearly check up at the docs, without the shots. I will arrive early to visit my favorite fields and paint and then stay for 2 extra weeks to paint more! Oh do I love this!

toodles for now :-D
PS I will post as I go...wherever I have internet!


Caroline said...

Hey it feels as if we are coming along on the adventure with you! I hope you find internet connection!
Oh my you really did need a new watercolour paint box didn't you! It is so interesting to see all the colours you use, it is alot. Maybe when you get back from your course you could talk a bit about building up a painting with all the colours. Have a safe journey and a wonderful time.

Donna T said...

I can't believe you would want to leave this heat and humidity behind you, Loriann :-) Have a great time out there and I hope you learn lots! Thanks for the photo of your new palette - I didn't even know there was a peacock color.

Casey Klahn said...

It will be good for you to have this photo reference of your palette as new.

Hope your flight is good, and the weather to your liking in Washington.

Sally Veach said...

How exciting! I'm jealous! Have a wonderful time. :-)

SamArtDog said...

You know I love this pic of your palette. To me, it's like a medicine chest. Don't we all like to take a peek in someone else's?

Have a good trip, paint beautiful pictures and post the particulars. Bon voyage!

Nika said...

Nice palette:)
Travel safely and enjoy your time there, can't wait to see the updates!

loriann said...

Hi Caroline...yes you are here with me...I hope you enjoy the ride! Good idea about the watercolor build up...more on that later!

Hi Donna!
Peacock is splendid as is moonstone! Can you believe it NO hair is not frizzy!

Hi Casey!
You are right about the will never look that way again.

Hi Sally...keep tuned, I will tell you all about it!

Hi Sam...hope you enjoyed the peek!

Hi Nika! Thanks....keep tuned, more later!