Saturday, July 3, 2010

solving the problem of green and the wisdom of Whistler

9x12 pastel and watercolor on wallis

Painting out of my interest range....just to stretch. Streets are rivers, right? The goal today was to choose a subject matter that I normally would not choose and try to make it feel beautiful while solving the problem of green.

I was reading about the Whistler vs. Ruskin trial. It struck me that during the trial, Whistler tried not to refer to his paintings are 'pictures' but as 'arrangements,' 'symphonies,'nocturnes, 'moonlight effects,'or- most revealing of all as 'a problem I attempt to solve.' (from Whistler by Dormant and MacDonald)
Doesn't that say it all?  A problem I attempt to solve. This IS what we do. He was saying it so that he wouldn't confuse a Victorian jury who seemed confused about painting they didn't understand, but I really think he felt that way.

A quote from Whistler, " Art should be independent of all clap-trap-should stand alone and appeal to the artistic sense of the eye or ear, without confounding this with emotions entirely foreign to it, as devotion, pity, love, patriotism and the like."

PS This one is for Sam.and Casey.  This is green.


Casey Klahn said...

Thank you for the green, Loriann. But, what I see more is the sublime - balance and unity. I really love the light area (street).

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I love how you did not let the green overtake everything else. I think I've been unsuccessful in taming it. This piece inspires me to try again and not just grind up all of my green pastels in frustration!!

SamArtDog said...

I keep going back to Bob Lafond's Mark And Remark. He is SO not afraid of green; he always anchors it with a complement, just like you did here. Somehow it works. Did you see that bush in his July 1st post?

Run, Kermit, run!

Donna T said...

Nice summer greens! I admire your other-than-blue sky too. It gives a feeling of warmth throughout the painting and harmonizes so well with all of your colors.

loriann said...

Hi Casey and thank you for seeing the sublime in the painting! You made my day!

Hi Katherine! You go take on this green...but you might have to wait till you get back home. For now keep moving forward this all the beautiful Alaskan fog paintings!

Hi Sam,
Yup, I have been visiting Bob's site and I love the bush.

Hi Donna! And thank would notice the sky, observant you are...even when i talk about greens.

Brian McGurgan said...

Lovely greens, Loriann - and kept in check. You're strong outside your interest range - this feels fresh, vibrant, and full of exploration.

loriann said...

Thanks Brian, it was a struggle!