Friday, August 20, 2010

second post...head talk

8x8 pastel and watercolor on uart
I began by feeling very defeated by the morning post.
"Oh dear, I can't paint...but it's it all... but yuck" Can you hear my head?
Then I set out for  the lake via the usual route and  I passed this field. I never really noticed it before (duh!) It lingered in my mind. Quick turn around the car and stop.
I could  really feel that hazy morning light. oooooooooh. Excitement!  This painting went through at least 3 construct/ deconstruct phases finally ending on this one. Since the value in my muse was in a small range I used more color- pure and neutral to create the space.
There now I feel much better. Back to the studio.


Janelle Goodwin said...

I love how you interpreted the colors in this dreamy landscape! (It's all in the head.)

loriann said...

Hi Janelle, for better or worse it is in the head. I want to by-pass that head and go straight for the intuition. I will keep trying:-)
And thank you about the painting! How's the new house?

Double "D" said...

O dear B, you shouldn't feel defeated from your morning post. You learned from and corrected it, and now it's great! At least you're traveling the road of exploration and creativity. More than I can say for some people.
This new post is so unusual. It seems to be a total departure from your usual route. I like it! These colors had to be partly intuition, the head is good but it hates to travel alone.

Donna T said...

I'd be happy with this one too (I wish!) I love how you played up the warm morning light.

loriann said...

Hey PB, you know me..the hamster wheel and all. It's hard when I see it differently and I can't get what I want. That dog-gone mind.
So you think this is so unusual. I wonder why. hmmmmmm.

Hi Donna, I am a little happier with it. Not thrilled, a little happier. Thanks for your comment!

Caroline said...

It is incredible to see what you have created from location the photo was taken in. The tree is almost dancing and the pretty pastel colours in the painting make this a truely sunshine filled painting. You have brought the scene to life with colour!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Ahh, I like how you used color instead of value. There is a lot to that and it's really really hard to do, I'm finding out. This painting turned out beautifully, and I really like how you described your thought process. Almost makes me feel like I got out and painted today, though I didn't. :)

Sara Mathewson said...

i love this one Loriann!

The colors just glow it is pure magic!

loriann said...

Hi Caroline and thank you!a sunshine filled painting..ahhhhhh.
It really goes to show that, for the way I work, photographs are a poor substitute for being there.

Hi Joan!
You painted vicariously. And you are right, making space within a small value range relies on the temperature of colors even more.

Hi Sara and THANK YOU! What a wonderful thing to say!

Brian McGurgan said...

It's a pleasure to catch up on your blog after coming back from vacation, Loriann! I'm loving all of your recent exploration and the informative posts you've been sharing.

loriann said...

Thanks Brian...welcome back. You have been missed by many!