Friday, August 27, 2010

getting to know you, getting to know all about you

6x14 (about) pastel and watercolor on wallis
After some preliminary notans and sketches I usually like to take the time to articulate the feel and color  of the air. It can help.  Before beginning this painting I did over 10 notans, I was very unsure of my motivator. Then I began to write, "red bronze overtone, touched by greens, grasses tawny to pink to bronze SOFT. The beauty of age. "At that point I knew what to paint.

It turns out that my new field is a very old orchard. Once a awhile there are still signs of rows and apples. I went walking through the field and saw(not in any particular order): monarch butterflies, a beaver skull, trash, half eaten apples, porno dvds (go figure),  occasional queen anne's lace, and beauty everywhere. Picked up the beaver skull to take home. Left the trash , but I will  return and collect the it another time when I bring a giant bag. This field has a personality. Gotta love it.


Casey Klahn said...

Yeah! This is lovely (and big!).

I love the aerial perspective, and the reddish tree in the near-middle. Niice!

SamArtDog said...

I like getting to know the trees in "your" field. The sycamore was grand and these old orchard trees are like old ladies sitting on a porch.

Your paintings tell stories. How nice!

Nika said...

This painting does have a feeling of a surprise, not being completely sure of what you're going to find out there. I love that. Congratulations on finding a new love, it looks like this field needs someone like you.

Stinson Fine Art said...

Beautifully done!

Donna T said...

Gorgeous! My new favorite of yours! My jaw dropped when I saw this.

Double "D" said...

Peaceful and softly muted. Says old orchard to me.
Masterful use of color and I like the lose calligraphy in the foreground. Great piece B!

Jim Serrett said...

Beautiful, really beautiful.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Those grasses are exactly as you described. This is a beautiful exploration of your field -- love it!

loriann said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your kind words!!!!

Hi noticed the reddish tree in the near middle. I can't to see if I could pull that one off. I didn't want to mention it in my post, but of course Casey knows;-) It was finally the changes on the right bottom corner that made it work. Thanks for noticing!I plan to go back to the field late this afternoon to investigate that light.

Hi Sam! I just love your words, "like old ladies sitting on the porch" I will think of that when I paint there next.

Hi Nika, Thank you I am sure glad I found this field.

Hi John! Thank you, thank you!

Hi Donna!!!a new fave!!! Thanks so much!

Hey the vacationing PB!
WOw!!! thanks for you comment, masterful use of color??? I am humbled by your words. Thanks!!!! Hope all is well with the family!

Hi Jim and welcome to my blog! Thank you for your kind comment!

Hi Katherine!
I am delighted to hear that the grasses feel the way I describe..without the painting relying on description. Thanks!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

This field does have personality and Loriann, I think you did an amazing job of capturing personality in the field. What an awesome thing to be able to do! It's a beautiful painting, more than a painting.

Caroline said...

I am not merely a viewer but feel as if I am actually a part of your fieldscape. Feels as if I am closed in with no place to escape and I am sinking into the grasses. The composition/design and colours in your painting have created an emotive response that seems quite powerful to me. A place with lots of atmosphere Loriann.

hope chest said...

I think this painting is one of your best. That painting is just so fascinating. I also live the aerial perspective. It is a great job.

loriann said...

Hi Joan! Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate you kind words!

Hi Caroline! Thanks so make my day!

Hi hope chest and welcome! Thank you too for your kind words!

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautifully composed, Loriann - the notans and note-taking were well worth it. I love the subtle grays and the relationships formed between the colors you've used here. Lots of things happening, but softly, quietly, and tranquilly,

Karen said...

Okay you have me totally convinced about writing down thoughts, and doing the notans, because, wow! look at the result!!! Do you always do this...write the words and do the notans? or only for ones you are less sure about the motivator?

loriann said...

Hi Brian and thank you! I always do the notans but I see more and more that the writing makes it more clear to me. Thanks again!

Hi Karen!
Notans are part of my M.O. It's the writing that clarifies the concept and is something i need to do consistently. It's funny how the urgency of the moment and the call of the light can urge us to skip important steps. Previously I only wrote for the unknown motivators... now I am trying to do it more for all. The key for me is to slow down. How about for you?

Karen said...

I must admit I usually rush to the painting, and do the notans for ones I'm less sure of...and don't ever write. I'm going to try it...will let you know!