Friday, August 13, 2010

more experiments with gesso

10x10 pastel and gesso on BFK
We had a series of terrific thunderstorms yesterday. Trees were down and with that, the electricity always goes. In the city it not only effects homes (air-conditioning/light), but traffic lights. After the morning storms finished I tried to go out to paint, but the traffic back-ups on the roads were so intense that it was gridlock. Long way of saying I worked at home on my porch (no air or lights indoor) and played with gesso again. All I could hear was the song of the giant cicadas.
I really don't know what I am doing with this method, but for some reason it has an attraction for me. I think it is the was the work is reduced to essentials. No details allowed. Each time I swipe it with gesso my work is almost obliterated, only to be rebuilt again on the pentimento left behind.
The one issue is that the BFK buckles with all that gesso.  Adjustments will be needed. Learning. Has anyone experimented with gesso and pastel? If so, what have you learned?


Double "D" said...

Good morning B!!!!!!!
These are interesting ... but ... they say to "dance with the date that brung you". Of course this is only a personal opinion. I'll always love the watercolor and pastel on uart.

I'm off up north for a couple of weeks. Dangle my toes in the water, read and hopefully throw a few strokes on paper.

Hope you've got power back ... can't imagine no air conditioning during you heat and humidity. Stay cool!

Casey Klahn said...

I am attracted to these and to your ideas. Especially love the green.

I'm not experienced with it, but my only thought is thin, thin, thin. Also, PVC is a medium that Diane Townsend uses in much the same way. It is cut with water. I think you told me you use the heavyweight Rives>

loriann said...

Hi PB!
Yah, I know they aren't good..just interesting. For some reason I keep wanting to play with it. At the same time I am still working on Uart with the underpaintings. This morning's painting was more successful. Maybe I will post it tomorrow.
Have fun in the great north. What will you read?
And yes, power is on and today is now just 83! For one day it will feel like Washington.
Have fun on vacation! See ya soon!

loriann said...

Hi Casey!
PVC, eh? Sounds very interesting.I do use heavyweight BFK..still it buckles in time. I don't know why I am attracted to this idea...hmmmm. just is. Thanks for your help!

Double "D" said...

Hey B,
Lets clear this up. I didn't mean they weren't good.
I do like them, I'm just partial to the pastel and watercolor style. They always knock me out!

loriann said...

Hey PB, no offense taken, you know me better than that. To me you were just stating the obvious. Process is all about failure....I am just crazy enough to post said failures. But then again, anyone named after a hamster would. tee hee

SamArtDog said...

We are in sync! I just opened a new toy from Jerrysartarama (can't resist clearance sales); Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels. Sort of gesso and just as toxic as PVC. }:0( I guess one could use it to underpaint with grit. Toxic grit. Transparent, matte, medium-thick toxic grit. You can tell I'm thrilled. Assuming survival, I'll let you know what it's like.

SamArtDog said...

Loriann the Hamster?

loriann said...

Hi Sam.. Don't we artists love our toys??!! That Golden stuff is really quite good. I have used it in the past. It doesn't accept the watercolor as intensely is its only fault. What I am using here is just straight gesso. Crazy, eh?
The hamster...well long story. heh.

Caroline said...

Very interesting effects of cool and warm colour tones. I like the misty effect in the last painting Loriann.

Barbara said...

Hi Loriann,I use gesso on Wallis or boards as a ground (in fact, I just bought more today) but it sounds like you are applying it over pastel?

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks...I am struggling to see if i can use this idea...more later!

Hi Barbara!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been using it on top of pastel. Gesso on Wallis, hmmmmm..... Would you please explain your method?
I will stop by and visit your blog!