Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview with Lynne Windsor

winding river, tweed valley, by Lynne Windsor

Was I ever lucky when Lynne Windsor agreed to speak with me!  Her work is amazing as you can see from the photo above. Dreamy.... you wish the landscape really was that way. If you haven't seen her website or blog  click here and feast your eyes!
This was a phone interview as  Lynne lives in New Mexico and travels often and for long periods to her homeland England. When she answered the phone it was as if we were picking up a conversation that had ended abruptly moments before. She was warm and gracious, sharing stories and technique. I felt as if I made a new friend!

She was reeling from etching day and packing to get ready to leave for a 5 month visit back home to England, where her father and her adult children still live.  Etching was something she did long ago, but when moving to New Mexico Lynne found an oasis in the Santa Fe Etching group,  lead by  Eli Levin, a brilliant etcher. When I asked she said she wasn't quite sure how it feeds her painting, but it was definitely a way for her to draw more. After chatting for awhile we began the interview.

L-Please tell us  little about your connection to the UK.

Lynne- I am from the east coast of Great Britain, an area called "the wash." The landscape is flat with drained marshes. Not too far from home there is a softness in the distance. rolling hills, color, light.  I am still very connected to my home as my 3 grown children, my father and many friends are there. The landscape inspires me. I can't wait to get back there. I will definitely travel to Scotland, where a very close friend of mine lives. I consider it a second home...and I adore the landscape!.

L- Why are you an artist?

Lynne- It goes back my influence from an early teacher. I was enthused with drama and came to the States on an exchange program to train  in drama. I was only 15 and was staying with a family. One day I drew one of the children and the host mom liked it so much exclaimed "you should be an artist." Well, I had never thought that I was good enough, but that made me think. Upon returning my art teacher was so encouraging. From there I went to Art College. Life got in the way for awhile, now I feel like I have no time to waste. I have so much to do so I work all the time.

L-Please talk about your study.

Lynne- Michael Workman changed my life. When I was in England I was mainly a figurative painter. First I met Barry(her husband of 17 years and a landscape painter) and he influenced me. I painted the landscape in his style. But I felt queasy, it wasn't me. Next I was fortunate to attend a Michael Workman workshop at the Fredericksburg Art School.. His work made me stop. The muted colors, pure beauty. I was changed. Something had happened. I have learned more about myself since then. Pushing myself. When I am struggling I still look at his work. It gives me confidence.

Which artists do you admire, past or present?

Sherri McGraw (figurative), Stuart Shils(more abstract), Turner-his later works, Whistler's nocturnes, Daumier, George Inness. Honestly I love all painting. I wish i could clone myself. I want it all. I feel like I was deprived for so long and now I am finally allowed to do it.

More next time...... technique, routine etc.


Katherine Kean said...

Fabulous - makes me want to know more!

loriann said...

Hi Katherine, the next part gets even better! I will try to post it Sunday.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Loriann, I am honoured and humbled... thank you so much...

loriann said...

Hi Lynne, Thanks for stopping by when I know your life must be hectic at the moment.As for the interview, the pleasure is certainly mine!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Loriann! Thanks for blogging about your interview with Lynne! Makes me want to look at Michael Workman's paintings again.