Sunday, November 7, 2010

back to back fluffernuttins

So they are finally here!We had to wait 2 weeks till they were old enough to come home. Our new kitties/family members are little rescues. Someone gave away their very pregnant cat (actually 8month old teenage mom-to-be) to an animal rescue. They didn't want her since they were moving! The foster care family headed by Melissa, a wonderful caring mom, and her young daughter Sydney, nurtured the cat family. Now they are all  getting homes. I am thrilled to have two tinies to join the other  three grown cats in our family- a 19 year old, an 8 and a 9 year old.

I need to have a little rant now. Here goes...........  When you take on the responsibility for a pet, please do not take it lightly. You take on that responsibility for the rest of their natural life....even if they are naughty. Yes, that means, even if the male sprays or the female forgets to use the box. And next, please spay or neuter your animals if you do not intend to care for all of its offspring. Think long and hard before choosing to be a caretaker of one of these beautiful creatures.

I learned a hard thing tonight. There are many states in the south that have animal rescues that only keep the animals for a day or so and if they don't get homes that's it, their lives are over. The organization we got these cuties from, Pet Connect, rescues these cats and dogs. There is a van pool each week that picks up these "doomed" pets and brings them north to the foster care homes. (Someone actually drives up and down the country delivering!) A very dedicated, giving group of people. Once all the kitties settle down and adjust we may consider to be a foster care home...we will see.

On another note, of course I am painting and I have many I could post, but I didn't want to dwarf the flufferrnuttins or my message. Thanks for listening. Adopt an animal..become a forever home.

So Jala, my friend, here they are!

Here's the link to Pet Connect Adoptions. You can adopt or make a donation.


Donna T said...

What cute kittens! I'm sure they will be very happy in their new home, Loriann. I will rant right along with you. Our dog was a rescue from Nebraska. Volunteers, some with small children, drove for three days so we could pick him up and bring him home. I will be forever grateful for the kindness of those strangers. The breeder who owned him was going to destroy him because he would not hunt and was only interested in playing. He was the perfect fit for our family. Thank you for giving these babies a new lease on life!

Caroline said...

love those cute kittens! my cat Angus he was a rescue cat he is giving us a happy life with him! what a wonderful fellow he is. I may post him on my blog and make this a cat day!!!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Every animal has a distinct personality, just like people. Just looking at your new kitties put a smile on my face. They're so sweet!

Double "D" said...

Good Morning B,

Interesting new subject matter you've presented today.
I've never seen anyone handle pastel as realistically as you. Umm, at first I thought these were kittens I then discovered that none of the underpainting shows through. This is so unlike you, and the title ... ?????????? Fluffernuttins ... very unusual choice for a painting title. What's going on out there, does Paul know that you've slipped over the edge? O my, O my, O my. So as not to cause you concern ... These are cute fluffernuttins?


p.s. you knew I couldn't say anything straight up about kitten pictures.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...


Deb Townsend said...

What beautiful babies! Congrats to you 'Mom'! And AMEN to your rant!

Double "D" said...

How was burger night?

loriann said...

Hi Donna, what a wonderful story! It's amazing to me how dedicated and giving the rescue folks are! I can't believe a breeder would do that! That's awful! Glad he is with you. cheers!

Hi Caroline! I will be looking for Angus...a cat day I like that!

Hi Janelle, I know you would love cute!

Hey PB, I am lovin my kitties, although my other kitties are still lukewarm about them. Another must know kitten photos are one of the best things in the world..ask Jala.heehee.
PS Burger night was wild and crazy. Too many boys not enough girls.

Thanks Kvan!

Hi Deb! Thanks!

Jala Pfaff said...

Yay, welcome, little fluffinmuffins!!! You are going to have a wonderful life.
They look like Lynx did when we got him!
The Husband and I used to be fosters for Goldens...Mojito was one of our fosters, that we kept. A lot of dedicated volunteers. Hooray.
What are their names?!

Jala's The Husband said...

I say..,,yeah! Seeing your message about responsibility with adopting animals. The world is better with you and organizations like Pet Connect

Ipskipskyblue said...

OMG!! They are SO INCREDIBLY CUTE -- I can't wait to meet them! Being the "mom" of two rescue kitties (Frisky and Matilda, now 8 years old) I second (or third or fourth) your plea on taking care of animals.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

They are so very sweet! Have mainly been a rescue dog person because cats tend to eat my beautiful birds, but having just spent a whole weekend with three beautiful burmese cats, I have fallen in love again with cats! You will have some much fun with these lovely little kittens.

loriann said...

Hi Jala and Jala's The Husband (heehee)! So this is what Lynx looked like? I thought you two would be foster parents. What a wonderful thing to do! You have helped make the world a more loving place, no surprise as i have seen through your blog. As for their names we are not quite sure..they came with names but we are giving time to allow them to tell us. I will tell you when we know. Thanks for your kind words and for the love you spread!

loriann said...

Hey D7! Rescue is such a wonderful thing! I know your cuties.. I forget were they litter mates?
Come over anytime to see and hold them in person!

loriann said...

Hi Lynne, Dogs, eh? They are wonderful too...! As for cats eating birds I fully understand. We had a neighbors cat that did that.. We belled him..but still he was up to his antics. Our kitties are indoor kitties. When you sign as rescue contract you agree to keep them indoors, with their claws. You are agree to spay them. We are lucky to have a wonderful screened in porch where the cuties go to enjoy "the great outdoors." Love your new stuff in England and Scotland!