Tuesday, November 16, 2010

process- for Moss

Recently Moss has written asking about my process. The first thing I will say is that my process is ALWAYS in flux. I am constantly learning and discovering what is the best way to create the image I feel and see in my head.

painting in progress-one layer of paint on top of tone and grisaille

removed grisaille
So, that said this is my process now.
1.Make a value painting in pastel on paper as a reference for the Painting. With that "removed grisaille" I have worked out all the major value decisions.
2. Tone the board (wood covered with gesso or canvas/linen) with a warm color.
3. Paint the 3 or so large masses with solid color- cool for shadow, warm for light
4.Apply a grisaille to the toned board
5. Paint in very thin layers (still using Liquin till my other substances arrive)Many of my paints are transparent paints, but not all. Read the labels of your paints and you will see their level of transparency. Gamblin is great for their informative labels. Check out the amazing Gamblin site, especially these two links: indirect painting and an explanation about why it works.
plein air reference painting
Mostly I use the "removed grisaille for reference. In addition I often have a plein air study and notes. Still I use no photos.

I hope that helps you Moss.

P.S. Part one of Deborah Paris's interview tomorrow!!!


moss said...

Oh wow! Thank you soooo much. I am going to star this in my reader and refer back to it! I love your example painting too.

I really appreciate you taking your time out to do this.

Caroline Simmill said...

Thank you so much for that Loriann as I was wondering how you did the whole process. I think the single glaze really does give a luminous glow. Very lovely work.

loriann said...

You are welcome Moss!

Hi Caroline, the single glaze/tone is something I have been experimenting with recently. I'll let you know how it goes.