Sunday, November 14, 2010

quandary- how to get all that color in value only

This is another "removed grisaille" that I did in preparation for a painting.
Yesterday, Paul and I took a walk on the fields in Manassas. It was late afternoon and by the time we were heading back and  the sun was setting. This time of year brings magic at sunset. The sun is at an angle that ignites certain portions of the landscape. My mouth dropped in awe when I saw this tree, in all its bronze splendor just glowing in the light. Not only the angle of light but the contrast between the bronze and blue behind the tree made it so extraordinary.  It reminded me of a George Inness painting. As a challenge I tried to capture it in value only. How does one get all that color in value?


Carol Lee Beckx said...

Such a powerful image - there's a tremendous sense of atmosphere and space.

I like it as it is - it can stand on it's own - not only as preparation for your painting.

A great start to my day, thank you

Brian McGurgan said...

I'm amazed, Loriann, with how much color you are able to express with a value study like this. In addition to its striking composition, this effectively and beautifully conveys a sense of temperature and luminescence.

loriann said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for your comment! I am glad to hear it can stand on its own.

Hi Brian!! So you think it gives the feel of color, even without it? I am hoping that these removed grisailles help me with the paintings..... we will see.