Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The big chew and more "glow versions"

Here are more tries  at "getting the glow" within these memory studies. A few things are sure: glow needs contrast, the trees need to be darker to make the sky glow and neutrals need to oppose pure color. I keep trying to see if it can be done differently. No luck yet.
On another note, Luchianna is gearing up her paper handling skills. Paper towels and my expensive Somerset paper have been her chewers of choice recently. She is preparing for the "Big Chew." (The photo is of Luch on my lap while I write this) If you don't know about the Big Chew please check out my December 26th post. There is still time to enter your name.
Now back to the studio... my warm-ups are making me hungry for a bigger painting.


SamArtDog said...

Dancing with values usually deceives me. The separation of sky and land couldn't possibly be that extreme. Could it?

Glad you made it home. You're back exploring color and Lucci is exploring your lap. All's right with the world!

Brian McGurgan said...

Yes, Loriann, glad to read that you are back at home. Beautiful glow in these studies - I love seeing the variation in them, and how color choices in one part of the study impact the decisions made throughout.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the top one's gold glow.
Rest up, Luchianna, a big day is coming!
Miss Lemon destroys cardboard in tiny bits and bites. The whole floor gets covered in it.

loriann said...

Hi Sam!!! Good question. I will observe more. What I had in my notes was that in the early part of the walk (4:30) the values were close due to the snow, still the land was darker and the verticals still darker. Later, after the sun had set the land became darker, even though snow is "white." Your question provoked me to explore more and I did a value study today. Thanks for questioning...we will see.
I definitely missed all my kitties.The Kins is now grooming the kittens. She was the most angry about the "change." Things are going well.

Hi Brian! Color choices are the main cheese. I still don't have this one. Maybe more neutralized blue...hmm.

Hi Jala!
Thanks about the glow. Luch attacked a paper bag today...that will teach it! Miss lemon sounds like a trip too! Does she do toilet paper rolls as well?

Celeste Bergin said...

Hey I voted for you on the Making the Mark contest-y thing. These are intriguing studies..I like that you show all your ideas. I have a cat who inexplicably loves to eat ribbons. It's kind of a problem. wish she's quit it!

loriann said...

Hi Celeste!
Thanks for your support!!!! I also appreciate that you enjoy hearing about process. I must admit it is interesting to me to read about other painter's processes as well.
On another note,a ribbon eating cat sounds a little dangerous for the poor kitty. Has she ever had a scare?