Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A History of American Tonalism and nocturnes


6:00amStudies for the nocturne. It's funny the light is so cool I am going to stretch it to add the warmer burnt sienna.       

It's finally here! We have all been waiting for ages for it finally to be out...A History of American Tonalism, 609 pages of goodness, amazing paintings. Starting from the new ideas of William Morris Hunt and  John La Farge and continuing to the present day with such artists as Lisa Breslow and Wolf Kahn.  Each page is more tantalizing than the next. Another must buy!


Brian McGurgan said...

My A History of American Tonalism just arrived today, Loriann - it's huge! Not a book I'll be able to read in bed easily... It's beautiful, though, and it really fills a void in art history. I'm looking forward to digging into it.

loriann said...

Hi Brian, I was shocked too! It's enormous and heavy. I need to sit at the table to read it! But the paintings and the details are wonderful! I haven't even begun to read yet. Let's talk later after we dig in.

Karen F. Rose said...

Yes my A History of American Tonalism copy arrived by UPS the other day too. I heard him deliver the package and "thought now what can that be???...well almost one and a half years after the order...hurahh!! it"s here.