Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the landscape and air are full of promise

9x6 pastel and watercolor on Uart
Here is another memory painting.
In the words of Albert Pinkham Ryder, "I have never seen the beauty of spring before; which is something I have lived and suffered for. The landscape and air are full of promise." You can insert "the beauty of dusk"and you will see what I feel as I watch dusk from my window. I have been ill for a couple of days, but continue to do these small memory skyscapes from my bed.

In my extra time I continue to read my History of Tonalism and have been struck by the paintings and words of Albert Pinkham Ryder. He was a painter in the Tonalist tradition. A shy New Englander (from New Bedford- a place where I lived and loved for 3 years) he supposedly had faulty eyes due to a childhood vaccination. His biographer Frank Jewett Mather said that Ryder developed a visual memory haunted by a residual repertoire of iconic images, after images of a sort that recurred from his early life. "Naturally he drifted into an owlish sort of life, wandering off into the moonlight at all hours and avoiding the glare of the high sun. The physical and moral solace of these moonlight strolls is a chief emotional content of his pictures."


Leah said...

Another winner, but you know me, I'm a sucker for a beautiful sky scape!

SamArtDog said...

The east coast seems to have gotten whacked by bugs for the holidays. I hope you're not much sicker than "a couple of days" worth! However, it's probably the only thing which could bring you to a halt. Take the time to rest, read and recupe. Then feel better. Soon!

When did you live in New Bedford?

loriann said...

HI Leah, I definitely realize that you are a sucker for a sky scape...glad you like this one.

Hi Sam, Thanks for the well wishes.

Linda Foltz said...

Gorgeous. Your memories, published in paint, can provoke our memories, too.

Feel better!

Caroline said...

There is something very melancholy about both the painting and the artist Albert what a strange world he must have lived in. Your two latest paintings are very ethereal Loriann. I can't imagine you not being able to paint as it is like fresh air to you. I hope you feel better soon.

brian eppley said...

Very interesting imagery in Ryders work. Thanks for sharing.
Why am I not surprised your bed ridden and still working? You work harder than the late James Brown. Sweet piece by the way.

Brian McGurgan said...

I hope you are feeling better Loriann. Very nice work from bedside these past couple of days. I like the vertical format here and subtle color and value shifts of the sky, and I like the blue tones of the painting you posted today. Rest up and get well soon!

loriann said...

Hi Linda and thank you! Those things that provoke memories are fascinating. Smells for me are the strongest. In the meantime I continue to train my brain to remember the landscape I see. It's funny since I can't remember what I did with my keys yet I can remember in full tonight's sunset. hmmm.

Hi Caroline and thank you. Ryder's work is so different than any other. I am enjoying my introductions to new painters and also learning about painters I thought I new to be mind opening. Thanks about my paintings. We will see how it goes.

Hi Brian E,
Yep, it's hard to stop the hamster in the wheel. Thanks about the piece.

Hi Brian M, I too like working on a vertical format as it gives a whole different feel. Thanks for the well wishes.