Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Memory, John Carlson and skies

14 x14 pastel on paper (not sure which)
Ah...my memory quest continues.  I used no cameras, photos, or plein air...just my memory of this place out by Needwood Lake. This time I think I created the glow between land and sun..that air the makes me say 'ahhhhhhhh" The reasons I paint..           
The upper sky maybe needs work.

Now for a little more Carlson.
A great deal of knowledge must be acquired through direct observation before the memory can function unhampered.  There would be no sense in advising a beginner to work from memory, when he is still struggling to master his means.
"It is the difficulty with which sublime things are achieved, that accounts for the rarity of them," says Spinoza. A thing that anyone could do without trying is a horrible nightmare to those creatively gifted. Fun lies in the trying. In the trying we are learning all about the means. Without knowing it, we are even developing our own particular style- one that will forever stamp us as individuals, aside from any expressive idiosyncrasies or choices we may develop. 
As we progress, our work becomes more intensely absorbing. We almost live in a world apart. In memory work we relive our experiences and the effect they produced on us.  We enthusiastically endeavor to put on canvas what we saw and felt, and in this way also unconsciously employ an original handling. The mind is dealing more with expression of thought than with the clever application of paint and we now enter into the realm of true art.

Don't you LOVE reading Carlson??????


B Boylan said...


loriann said...

Thanks Brenda!

Teri said...

this is one of my favs! Beautiful!

Caroline said...

Loriann, you really have captured the evening sun beautifully and I must say very accurately in your painting. It shows that what you have seen and observed and indeed painted before is now coming to the foreground in your memory. It is very interesting to read what Carlson has to say about this.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,
You've really nailed the last three. I think you might
be getting the hang of it ... hee!

This is a beautiful sunrise.

Hope all is well,

Double "D" said...

Ummmm, sunrise or sunset? either way it's a beauty.

loriann said...

Hi Teri, Caroline, PB,
Thank you! It is a sunset. I have been working hard to get the feel of the horizon/land...I still need to study the higher part of the sky. My focus has been low all the time. Time to stretch. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment!

Casey Klahn said...

I have enjoyed this recent series. Did you know my main theme is memory work? I love following these threads about it. Carlson shouldn't reserve it for the "expert," though.

Did I congratulate you on your winning the MAM award? Much deserved, as you are a fantastic artist!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's much more exciting reading Carlson on your blog than from the book!!!!! (which I gave to a friend)....

loriann said...

Hi Casey,
I did not realize that your main theme is memory work....I should have known.You know I think you work is beautiful.
As for Carlson, I feel I somewhat agree with Carlson because I think it helps to have an understanding about how form, composition and color in the landscape work. I also think strong drawing is the backbone. Keep in mind "expert" is relative ..when does one become "expert?" It think it is with some experience or seasoning.
Thank you also about the MAM award. It was quite an honor! I know these things shouldn't matter..but they do. Thanks for all your support.

Hi Maggie, I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying the Carlson trip. I am certain that memory is a good friend to you.