Monday, January 24, 2011

night snow, quietude

9x6 watercolor
The night light outside by bedroom window puzzles and delights me. Today I decided I had to try a brand new palette. Try a combination that is rare, special, subtle: so unlike my usual palette. Stretch. I chose the snowy night. Do you know those nights when the snow is just beginning to come and the light is so subdued, yet with that tint of green. The usual luscious deep blues are gone and the values are reduced. Then there is the snow. How does one paint the action of "snowing" quietly? The quietude.
This one is just watercolor, layers and layers of thick and thin watercolor.


B Boylan said...

WOW! This is watercolor? I sense silence in this piece.

Double "D" said...

You better watch out B, watercolor will jump up and grab you. This is beautiful. You are either evolving or on some really good drugs. Please be careful. Hope the healing is going as intended. Get well dear friend.

loriann said...

Thanks Brenda. I miss pastel, but the good news is I ordered the mask. Sounds like they come all the way from Singapore. I fed-exed it.

Hi PB,
I was so unsure about this one. Everything was different. Glad you think it's good. What a different palette!
I will do more work tomorrow. Stamina is not my strength right now. The healing is going as intended.. probably better than expected...I just expect more. My doctor's appointment is Thursday. More later.

Casey Klahn said...

I see the unity in the design, though. You speak with this.

Glad you are mending and relaxing/working.

SamArtDog said...

Wow is right! It's a whole new world out there, isn't it?

B Boylan said...

Loriann, glad you got one. I would miss pastel too.
FYI, you can see me wearing mine in my video process pieces on my blog. Just have to adjust it to a perfect fit, and remember to 'drain' it when humidity is present.
Keep resting, the art will always be there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrian,
I just wanted to send you my best wishes for a full recovery. Please take care especially with the Artic cold. No wonder Russians love their Vodka! I have been following your work for the last few months and I have to say that many ptgs are sublime.As you recover take a look at Daniel Smith watercolors. They have some unusual colors that may peak your interest. BTW-there is a lot of information about dealing with pastel dust in the studio.I think that the Pastel Journal had an article or two about this subject. There are many ways to deal with pastel dust so that you can continue to work the soft pastels that you love so much & have such a wonderful working relationship with. Have you looked into Pan Pastels?They are supposed to have less pastel dust.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

This piece weighs a lot.

Anonymous said...

This is quite wonderful for watercolour. Did you use gouache and Chinese white as well?

I do hope you are on the mend.

The last comment about Pans...I tried the when they first came out, but couldn't get a long with them very well...and they all went to a poor (poorer than me) artist friend! But they are an option...or you could just really get into watercolour, like in this piece. Take a look at all the wonderful watercolour washes on my 100 Washes blog.... some of them will blow you away, as the participants are finding new heights and new ways to push the envelope using watercolour, daily.

Brian McGurgan said...

This is beautiful, Loriann, and I had to look more closely when I read that it was watercolor with no pastel - I could have sworn I saw some nice pastel strokes in there! Hopefully the mask will help so you can work in pastel without risking problems, and hopefully it will be comfortable enough that it won't be a distraction. You've got some wonderful things happening here with the watercolor, though, and I think you captured that quiet, snowy night feeling perfectly. Rest up and don't push too hard!

Kim McCutcheon said...

I love this! I think the idea of crossing pastel technique with watercolor is brilliant!

Nika said...

Moody and silent. I forgot what the details about the falling snow atmosphere, but this painting brought it back for me.
Do you find that Tonalism book with all of it's lush but subdued images influencing the way you paint lately? I feel it's influence on me to be sure.

loriann said...

Hi Casey,
Thank you. I also think the unity is in the gray. I used only a couple of colors and tried to keep subdued, quiet. I will do more to try to get it to work.I am trying to rest more although it is hard because I am still obsessed trying to make what I see and feel. I see paintings in my head. Egad.

Hi Sam, it is a world new world..who knows what will happen? It's amazing what has to happen in order to open the doors.I consider myself lucky.

Hi Brenda, When I get my totobobo I may have questions. May I contact you? Thanks for the tips. I still think I will order the biggie too.

loriann said...

Hi NJ,
Thanks for dropping by my site and for the recovery wishes.
As for DS watercolors, I love them and almost use them exclusively. The articles in PJ have been very informative as well. I am trying to figure out the "perfect" solution. I tried pan pastels once with little excitement....they probably won't be me.I may try airbrush paint and pastel. Just want to make sure the pastel is safe now.
Thank you so much for your comments on my work. Sublime is a big word. Thanks my friend.

Hi Kvan and thank you.

Hi Maggie, and thank you watercolor goddess. I use a couple of tubes of DS watercolor and Chinese white. I don't own gouache. I treat my watercolor the same way I treat oil...does that make sense?
And yes, thank you Maggie, slowly each day I am better. I am very thankful for each step forward.

Hi Brian,
Thank you about the watercolor.It's hard, because the fact is I love pastel best.I am really glad you feel it captures that snowy night feel. We may actually get one of those nights tonight and I will be sure to wake and watch. Thanks for all your support Brian!

Hi Kim. love using both watercolor and pastel together I would say it's my favorite way to paint, no matter how much i try other way. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Nika, What nice words! I am glad i could bring it all back to my favorite Floridian.

Caroline said...

I have arrived a bit late here but have you thought about using rock salt on your wet washes? you can get some lovely snow effects with it.

loriann said...

hi Caroline, interesting idea. For this effect all I did was scatter water from my brush.Thanks for more food for thought.