Saturday, January 8, 2011

twilight and see this show

7x7 pastel and watercolor on marble dust
I continue to work with my memory to achieve the glow of twilight. This time I chose a marble dust board since it alone allows me endless layering. I first created several coats of watercolor. After it dried I scratched and smoothed pastel into the lines of the marble dust. I am really loving this experimentation. It's really nice to free myself of caring about the results, just the constant mantra of,"what happens if I do______?"
For a big treat, check out this show at the Spanierman Gallery in NYC. Even if you can't get there, just look at  this link, as it includes a slide show of all the paintings. Amazing paintings by Lisa Breslow, Birge Harrison, Joesph Frank Currier, Charles Warren Eaton, Arthur Wesley Dow and at least 12 other Tonalist paintings-past and present.  The opening was on the 6th and there was a book signing for David A. Cleveland's magnificent book, The History of American Tonalism, 1880-1920.Wow!
It will be in NYC for a month, go if you are able!


Leah said...

ooooohh! such nice colours. I can see this one in a large.

Marilyn R Miller said...

Thank you for the link to the NY Spanierman Gallery! Wonderful show.... I feel inspired!

Caroline said...

Beautiful painting Loriann, you have captured the colours of the night so well. Thanks for the link my favourites so far are Arthur Wesley Dow Moon through the trees, mostly because I find it fascinating it can make such a rich dark night so well! And Charles Warren Eaton winter landscape a wonderful combination of my two loves skies and trees! wonderful work. I will need to go back and see more of the work.

loriann said...

Hi Leah!!! I will make it big if I can finally get the color feel right. i will keep trying!

Hi Marilyn, Glad you like the link. I really want to see that show in person.

Hi Caroline, I knew you would like that link.Isn't it an amazing collection of work? I agree with you the Dows and Eatons are my faves...I also LOVE Lisa Breslow's work.

Nika said...

I like what I see in the small size but it seems to be un-clickable to see more detail, waaah.
It's awesome to see you do it, not many people have the guts to paint landscape relying solely on memory. I know I don't :)

The show looks great, I wish I could visit. But I got something alsost as good, I just received The History of American Tonalism as a present from my darling husband yesterday, it's amazing!

loriann said...

Hi Nika!
Unclickable?...I wonder why. I will check into it. As to relying solely on memory, you can do it. It just takes practice, sort of like exercising your muscles does. At first it's a little painful, but as you begin to figure it out it starts to feel good and excite you. Best of all painting from memory informs everything exercise.
Lucky woman..good husband. You will LOVE the book. Enjoy!

Brian McGurgan said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the show at the Spanierman Gallery, Loriann. Despite living here in NYC, I'm often pretty clueless about things going on in the city. I would love to have been at the opening and could have schlepped along my book to get signed... If you do get here for the show let me know - we could have lunch together and visit the gallery.

This painting is beautiful - I love the texture and feeling you've achieved here.

loriann said...

Hi Brian..I wish I could have learned about it a day early so you could have had that book signed. Oh well. If I can get to NYC I will definitely let you know...that would be fun! Thanks about the painting.