Wednesday, January 26, 2011

very limited palette, full moon rise

                                                    above 9x9 pastel and watercolor / below   9x9 only watercolor on Uart
After reading Russell Chatham's interview and seeing the youtube yesterday it got me to thinking about less, yes even less.
Typically, I use a warm and cool of each primary plus white.  Russell uses just three colors. So I chose my 3: quinacridone magenta, aureolin yellow and ultramarine blue, all  my color choices are transparent. Chatham's words had echoed the same things I had read from Whistler- "all the work takes place on the palette."
Neutral colors.
So this is from a memory last summer. Steeny and I were watching a moonrise in LaConner Wa. It was beautiful. The color appeared bright, but sunset/rise is a grayed tone. Brightness is by simultaneous contrast.
I ordered my tototobobo  mask two days ago.  Since it comes from Singapore I paid for federal express delivery. I can't wait .....I will be back to pastels probably today! Thanks Brenda and Barbara for your help.

Addition: I just received my mask and immediately added a tiny bit of pastel to my watercolor. (top painting) I like it better. Now I will go redeem myself with another painting.



Donna T said...

I love the areas where the colors mix and mingle; nice one, Loriann! I hope the new mask works for you so you can work in pastels again without fear.

Casey Klahn said...

It is hard to make a readable landscape with the 3 pure primaries, and so this one is that much more interesting because of that.

Because I don't paint, I find what RC does with his mixing to be very fascinating. We've watched him for a long, long time, and so Lorie and I enjoyed the videos. And, I was eating up the studio scenes. That is a wonderful, utilitarian and seriously cool studio that he has in Livingston.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Your memory paintings are fascinating because they are distilled down to the essence. They make me think of trying some paintings with practically no detail.

I'm so glad you're doing better, Loriann!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Really beautiful! I love the mixing areas where the blue becomes pink through the violet blurs. You have a gentle hand with watercolor.

Double "D" said...

Hi B, are you feeling OK, or as well as you can be?

I'm not going to tell you which of these I like the best!
I like both of them but I really like to see the washes intermingling with each other. You do it so well.
The texture you've created with brush airs is especially effective ... snark, snark.

Hey you take care of yourself,

pb; from the road!

Double "D" said...

Actually I meant BRUSH HAIRS!

Brian McGurgan said...

Very nice work, Loriann - I like what you've arrived at here with the three primaries in muted and more intense passages.

I'm looking forward to hearing how using the mask works out for you. I've always felt a mask would be too uncomfortable and couldn't stand it when I tried disposable masks. It will be good to know if this is a workable option should I decide more dust protection is needed. I really hope it works for you so that you can use pastels freely in the way that you love.

Pam Holnback said...

These are great. I rarely paint from memory, maybe I should try. I saw on the video that Russell used only 3 primaries. You used only 3 colors, but you used 3 wonderful colors. Do you know if he always used those same 3 primaries.?

SamArtDog said...

And she's off and running!
The floodgates ore open.
Welcome back.

Jala Pfaff said...

This turned out great.
Glad to see you back!
I'll have to check out your mask link. Wonder if it's similar to the one I brought to India for pollution and then lost the first day.

loriann said...

Hi everyone, We have been powerless for the last day and a half.Finally I am back . Thank you for your comments!
Hi Donna, Thanks..this one was a struggle. I had missed my pastels. I solved the problem about the mask.

Hi Casey,Glad you enjoyed his video and the view into his studio. I saw the other videos on youtube as well, but this was my fave.Have you ever seen his work in person?

Hi Janelle!You are right memory paintings take out the detail...they just don't seem important. I would LOVEe to see what would happen if you tried memory painting. ooohlala. Thanks for your well wishes.

Hi PB, Glad you like the brush hairs, special touch.I hope you enjoyed a good trip to the south. b

Hi Brian, The mask was too uncomfortable to me. Sweaty. When you see today's late post you will see how I managed everything. I really want to keep the rest of my lungs.

Hi Pam, I do not know if he changes his 3 primaries..good question. Please let me know if you find the answer.

Hi Sam, Yup. I sure am trying, although I am not sure if it resembles off and running. I really look forward to actually getting back inside the studio. Thanks for checking in!

Thanks Jala, I am trying. I bet it was the mask you bought for India. let me know if you recognize it.

padmaja said...

Hi Loriann, your colors are magical and work so very dreamy, you really rock!

loriann said...

Thanks so much Padmaja!