Monday, February 7, 2011

extending memory through sketches

Normally when I have an idea for a painting I do sketches from my subject. I would drive to the location (Key Bridge) and observe from different view points, find my favorite and sketch. Later in the studio I would create a composition from the sketches. Now, since I can't just drive to Key Bridge I sit here and think of the years I know Key Bridge.and the view towards Washington DC. I think about what is important and how can I make it. No photos, no plein air paintings.
The page with two is the last page..much freer. The page with 4 was tighter. I wonder, how many buildings do I add? (There are many.) Do I add the man-made landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Kennedy Center and the Watergate? (They  would be seen in the distance.) Or is it about simply the big shapes, no specific place? We will see I think I will do more preparatory value and color work. I have decided on the long horizontal. Time to rest on ice before doing more.
On another note thank you to all my blogger friends sending photos. You will be in for a treat on Thursday. Keep those memory paintings coming. Trust yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann, Since you posted your Key Bridge painting last week, I have been reliving fond memories of Arlington, DC, Georgetown, Old Towne Alexandria…Rehoboth Beach (I know Rehoboth is miles away from Key Bridge) ……There used to be a seafood restaurant and bar down in Rosslyn (the Light House, maybe) …great food and a really great good old boys kind of bar.

Back to your post…. I like the vista type images just portraying the essence of Key Bridge, which go well with your big skies. I think you’ve captured the essence in your sketches, and personally I would not be interested in actualities of buildings, or DC landmarks (other than the bridge itself).

You could do a whole different series portraying the building and landmarks of DC…but I wouldn’t combine them together in one painting. …But that's just me...

I miss Georgetown on a Saturday night…. although I was much younger when I used to hang out in the cocktail bars then (lol)…..

loriann said...

Hi Maggie, Funny, I thought the same thing. It matters not that it is DC. All it will matter in the end is the eternal question, "Is it beautiful?"
Glad I am helping you walk back in time.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

I think these little thumb nails are awesome. For me they always show the true character of the place and the person. Great, stay on the ice.

brian eppley said...

These recent posts show very important information. I love that you mentioned the 1,000's of plein air pieces that led up to the diving board of the mind . In the artistic journey the individual will appear and we are witnessing your journey. Beautifully done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
Memory Sketches are a wonderful way to stretch your
ability to create pantings in the studio. You will notice after doing many of them certain shapes and patterns will keep occurring that are unique to you.I enjoyed looking at your sketches and the last two paintings you posted were gems. Today i went into NYC to see the Tonalist show at Spanierman Gallery. There were truly wonderful paintings.If you go to the gallery web site you can view the show. I think that you find an affinity with the landscapes by Lisa Breslow. It is worth taking the time to spend with the paintings that are in this exhibition.


loriann said...

Thanks about my little thumbnails PB. Today was a rough day so the sketches are all I can manage. I am on ice right now.Tomorrow will be better and I will work a little more.

Hi Brian, I like that term "diving board of the mind"..the water is nice come on in. I hope to do a lot of swimming.

Hi NJ,
On January 8th I blogged about that show. I knew it was happening and loved the website preview. It was Lisa Breslow's work that led me to the show... I am on her mailing list. Unfortunately this time I will need to be an armchair traveler since my health would not allow such a trip. I was always hopeful I could make least I have the book.

Caroline said...

I believe sketching gives us the freedom to be really expressive. There is no fear about spoiling a painting by using the wrong colour or overworking or not working it enough. Your sketches show a lovely free expression. Thanks for sharing these, they are really nice.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Loriann, thanks for your recent posts. This notion of memory, selection and making choices - ie, "creating" a work rather than simply trying to represent "what is there" has become more important for me over time. Your words are encouraging and relevant.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, you are right it does give a freedom. Freedom from color (my love) makes it simplified, easier.

Hi Sheila, welcome back! Yes, we are always selection and creating from what me see. I find i even more powerful when it is an open slate. just memory, no reference to bind me. What do you think?