Friday, February 11, 2011

importance of the quality of mark and life's unknowns

9x9 pastel and watercolor on Uart
On Sunday, Paul took me to look at Lake Needwood, one of my favorite places to paint. They have recently drained it partially which leads a a beautiful mix of snow and ice/water. This is my memory painting from that day.
When painting it I realized that my new found comfort (and thrill) of painting from memory alone has freed me up to give my attention more to the quality and direction of my mark. Long sweeping downward strokes of the sky, horizontal descriptive lake and snow strokes. Each stroke has a particular purpose. Sometimes not for description, but for the pure joy of what I can do!

The one important idea that rushes forward each time I do these small memory paintings is- that not everything in life or painting can or should be explained.  If we are to enjoy life/painting there needs to be unknowns. However much discomfort we feel with unknowns they are also the thing that keep us wondering and thinking of possibilities. Possibilities are good. Can you see the parallel between life and painting?
You may be able to tell from my writing, I think I turned a corner last night.
Finally I have come out of the 29 day tunnel of darkness.  I feel a glimmer of me peaking through..the pain is coming to an end! I am so happy I could cry! YIPPPEEEEE! Thank you all my supportive friends you hve helped me through! yippee!


Deborah Paris said...

This is beautifully done Loriann. So glad to hear you are feeling better.
"See" you in Water class!

loriann said...

Thank you Deborah! I am so looking forward to taking your water class. I think that besides my cute kittens it is the perfect medicine for right now.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You certainly sound like you've gotten your mojo back. I'm soooo glad the pain is subsiding, it's great news to start a weekend with. Woooop woooop! - from Dorset.

SamArtDog said...

I'm of course thrilled to see the joy in this painting. Hearing the joy in your voice is even better.
We've missed you.
Welcome back!

loriann said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for all your support through this whole ordeal. woooop wooop sounds good to me! I actually have an opening tonight that I have decided to attend for a half hour! I didn't know f I was going to try...but I feel good enough to give it a shot. wooop wooop!!

Hi Sam,
Thanks! And thank you too for your support!

Jala Pfaff said...

Gorgeous salmon color in there.
So glad you're feeling better! Yay!!!!!!!

Sara Mathewson said...


I'm so glad that the pain is leaving and you have turned that corner! I am so enjoying y9our memory paintings and I have a feeling I will be doing some of these in the future. You are a great inspiration! So, so glad you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Loriann-I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better.I love the color sense in this painting. Keep warm the last 1/3 of winter late winter 02/21-03/21 is almost upon us and then its springtime. In dealing with your post operative pain your art has moved forward to another level.

" The cyclone ends. The sun returns; the lofty coconut trees lift up their plumes again; man does likewise. The great anguish is over; joy has returned; the sea smiles like a child"
Paul Gaugunn

loriann said...

Thanks Jala! Paul looked at it and said..sort of 60s eh? Personally I liked the colors too. Thanks.

Thanks Sara! I can't wait to see your memory paintings. Let me know, ok?

Hi NJ,
Thanks for your support. I am eagerly awaiting spring...sounds like we will get a taste this weekend. yay!
I agree with you my art has come to a different has my heart.

Donna T said...

Loriann, those long, downward strokes in the sky add so much to the mood of the painting; a calming weight or something, I don't have the words. You are stronger than you think and I just know we will see your improving health reflected in your work!

Leah said...

Some very familiar colours here Loriann ... especially that salmon (or "peche" as the late Mary Collins Jones would say).

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Great orange and blue! So glad you are feeling better.

loriann said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks so much for your kind comment and your support. I am on the mend!

Hey LEAH!!!!
peche..what is peche....I like the color name. I think these are some of your favorite colors. Thanks so much for your constant support my friend!

Hi Lynne,
Thank you for your comment and your support through this. How is Scotland?

B Lancton said...

Loriann - this is a super painting. It is the first thing I've rested my eyes on this morning, and what a great start to my day. Very peaceful. I love it.

loriann said...

Hi B and thank you so much! What a nice thing for me to read before going to bed! Sweet dreams!