Sunday, March 6, 2011

new grisaille, alone and happy

detail- about 5x10
Another underpainting. This scene at first seemed like an easy one for which to do an underpainting, but no. First of all I decided to do it differently, this time using a burnt sienna  wipe before painting. That changed things and meant I needed to use of a lot of white in the underpainting, especially in the sky and water reflections.  I don't want those getting too dark. I am hoping that the warmth of the burnt sienna will affect the whole painting, even when covered.

Now I must work on my color experiments for this painting.
12x24 oil on board


SamArtDog said...

Wonderful depth and totally tonal.

Donna T said...

Lookin' good! I really like the long format.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
The painting that you posted is very painterly.
I also the long format and the inclusion of animals in your work. This adds more depth and atmosphere.
I kept thinking to the Hudson River painters who would paint a quiet fall scene with the addition of a single deer.
I enjoyed reading about your approach to paint in the previous blog post. Usually I select one or two colors and using my Quiller wheel select the rest of the palette. I have found that the Quiller wheel is the best color wheel that I have used.
BTW-have you tried the Quinacridones instead of burnt sienna? I think that you would like the Quinacridones. I find them to be very exciting, The 2011 issue of Plein Air from American Artist should be out on your newstand. Lots of great articles and artists. The article about Nancy Bush will RESONATE with you. From the article---"regardless of which source is used,the painting is constructed mostly through Bush's recollected experience of the scene's mood.

loriann said...

Thanks Sam!

Thanks Donna and good luck with your house! Spring is here and that means more buyers.

Hi NJ!
I too am excited at the inclusion of animals. I have only done that once before and now I can't stop. Interesting idea about the Quiller wheel I will take a look and see. Usually I choose two color and then bounce the others off of those simply by intuition.
As for the Quinacridones- I love them. My new love is Quin violet, but I always use quin magenta. Are you suggesting using a quin color for the underpainting. Which do you use? I like burnt sienna's warmth and I think it helps me "tone down" since I tend to go up in intensity and I want a certain calmness.
Thanks for the recommendation. i just signed up for a subscription to Plein Air. I can't wait to read the article. I resonate to the statement you made.
PS Thank you for all your thoughtful and interesting comments. Where may I see your work my friend? If you don't want it posted here you may send me an email.