Wednesday, March 2, 2011

paintings must rest too

24x36 oil on board
Work has continued on this big painting and now I think it is time to put it aside and think.  Time to move on to the other studies and bring them to fruition.
PS Sorry for the bad photo, I couldn't bring it outside.


Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, Paintings may need to dry, but minds need to rest.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I have read the first chapter of the History of American Tonalism book (thank you for recommending it!)and I think that you know these principles already. You've created an emotional piece that uses the landscape to create your own expression of feeling. Beautiful.

The added benefit of reading this book is the toning (ahem) of the biceps and triceps as I lift the heavy thing! Kvan

loriann said...

You are so right Bob!

Hi Kvan! Thank you for your kind words...all I can do is try. Glad that you are enjoying the History of Tonalism... and yes I agree it is almost too heavy for bedside reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
As Spring is slowly returning I hope that you are feeling stronger with each passing day. Looking over your last 3 blog entries:
03-02-11- 24 x 36-oil on board. I love the Turner inspired sky and light on the horizon! If you think that this painting needs a few "tweaks"-I agree that you should put it aside. Sometimes when you think that your painting needs a few "tweaks" you can push it over the edge. It may be best to move to a new painting and take with you those ideas for this painting-those small, "tweaks", and incorporate into the next one. It is the Murphy's Law of painting-add those small touches that you think are needed and cannot resist and poof the overall feeling of the painting is gone.

03-01-11- Working in a square format is a challenge as to how to create a dynamic composition but you did it.I like the atmosphere in this value study. Even though it would change the size I wonder how adding an inch or two to the top-would change this piece? It seems that square sized canvases and panels are becoming quite popular.

02-28-11- The dark foreground keeps your eye from leaving the scene -as well as the tree shapes on the right. The value range is well chosen-creates
a contemplative mood. I like the dimensions of this piece-also adds to the contemplative mood . 7 x 14, 8 x 16, 10 x 20, 12 x 24 and 20 x 30 are great for landscapes

The two value studies that you posted show how black and white, value, can be just as effective in creating mood and atmosphere.


loriann said...

Hi NJ,
Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed comment, full of interesting thoughts. In answer to you comment:
-I will put the painting in my watching place and stop.
-I love the square always have. It has been my favorite format throughout my painting career. I like the challenge of building the right tension, so different than anything else!
-Thanks to about the value studies. I will carry both studies to fruition.
I must say I love creating in black and white. It allows me to work on just those essentials that are the basis of a good painting.
Thanks for stopping by my friend!

Caroline Bray Art said...

If this is a bad photo then the real thing must be fantastic...the colours are stunning! So many but all harmonious! Looking forward to see where this goes after a rest. Also loving your studies at the moment, so simple but atmospheric. They're really something, perhaps more than 'just studies'...I'd hang them on my wall.

Anonymous said...

i love this one!! you have to do a painting of your kitties!! :)

loriann said...

hi Anonymous! Thanks about the painting! One day I will do a kitty painting as well.