Wednesday, March 30, 2011

simultaneous contrast, unlocking the key to color

12x24 oil on wood
As I have talked about before, simultaneous contrast is the key. It is the key to unlocking color, its beauty and its relationships.
So as I see it, that to me brings about 2 choices about glow.  In the Tonalist tradition the darks make the lights glow and it works beautifully. Without the darks the lights are dull since they have no contrast.

Now, is there another way?  The use of neutrals also makes colors take on new attributes. In this painting that is my strategy. Will it work? After about a month of layers I am at this point. Still I will increase the "grayness" of the clouds.
Sunsets are very hard to paint...they so easily become hokey, postcard like images. I am hoping to by-pass that.

And now for the studio update recently labeled "project hope"by Mae(my second Mom):
Another contractor will come this evening to talk about possible costs for the building of a new studio.
My Dad has added all kinds of important facts to consider.
Many artist friends continue to email me and comment with suggestions.
I really do appreciate everyone's help.


B Boylan said...

Loriann, this one is sooo very dreamy. I love your ideas/commentsdicoveries on your thought processes. All is well in your part of the world, at least it definitely 'looks' like it from this beautiful post.

loriann said...

Hi Brenda!
Thank you so much about this painting. Now I will allow it to dry and then work more. I am aiming for luminous greys to make my glow.
Thank you too about my posts. I am delighted to hear that an accomplished artist as yourself finds them interesting! Thanks. Paint on my friend.

Donna T said...

Gorgeous sunset glow - it is dreamy! Best of luck with Project Hope! I guess you will be keeping good ventilation at the top of the list of must haves?

Anonymous said...

HI Loriann,
This painting is a knockout! Beautiful symphony of colors, violets, yellows blues and red orange. The first name that came into my head-Turner-this painting has a Turner like quality. I like the idea of your new strategy -the use of neutrals that makes colors take on new attributes. That is food for thought. BTW- isn't 12 x 24 a wonderful size for landscape painting?

Caroline said...

Beautiful luminous sky Loriann. How do you make grey luminous?

loriann said...

Hi Donna and thank you about the sunset glow. Project hope continues to take mini steps forward. More later.

Hi NJ!
Thank you!! A knock out??? Thanks!
As for use of neutrals it has been on my mind for a while. I do like 12x24. Next I will turn it vertical.

Hi Caroline,
Thank you. I thought that if you make colors luminous by glazing layers why not do the same but make greys with the layers? hmmmm. Get what I mean?