Monday, April 11, 2011

challenge by the river

10x10 pastel on wet watercolor Uart
This was yesterday's  challenge  that I never had time to post. I was to look to identify the overall color - rosey red and green.Next I had to find all the variations in temperature and hue, without trailing off to other colors.  Cloudy days are good for this kind of challenge. Stable light source  makes my focus so calm.
I find it amazing that nature constantly works in complements. In particular these Spring colors are delicious.


Nika said...

Delicious is the word. I say you aced that challenge!

loriann said...

Thanks Nika!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
I like the sparse feeling that this landscape evokes.
I can feel the temperature for you have captured that time of year when winter turns toward spring. The quiet tone refers back to Dwight William Tryon. I also find the composition of this painting to be interesting. Once again you have chosen to work on a square, {10/10}, format. The foreground is of light value but not as light in value as the more distant areas. This helps to create a sense of depth. The tree on the left and that area of ground with its warmer colors in front of that tree creates a nice visual counterpoint to the cooler tones. i find that when working the same format it can be become difficult to work out new compositions each time-yet you manage to do it.


Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, you have captured a cloudy day very well. Greys can be beautiful too!