Saturday, April 16, 2011

the secret and a tip

Do you want to know a little secret? A pastel painter's secret tool is a feather duster. No, I have never used one at home (dusting is not a regular activity here), but when my good friend Christine showed me this little gem it was love at first sight. Lightweight, can be carried anywhere, the feather duster cleans a pastel box in a moment or two and then you are good to go. Store your little duster inside an old paper towel roll and voilah! All for only $2.99!
Another small story ...... yesterday when I was once again plein air painting with the five year olds we had another brilliant moment. A different little boy had his painting with him and he was sitting down by the pond. He sat just looking for a long time. Then he calls me over and says, Loriann people think water is blue, but it's not! Look, it's brown with green!"  A little tip to learn from our 5 year old painter- take the time to look, look carefully before picking up a brush or a pastel.


C Tanner Jensen said...

The voice of all my past teachers echos in my head,"Paint what you see,not what you know".Fabulous that a child knows this.

Casey Klahn said...

Can I hire out the pastel tray cleaning?

I will try the duster myself, though - thx!!

The 5 year olds have a super art teacher, methinks.

Anonymous said...

A great tip, thanks....not a great deal of dusting goes on around here either (lol).....and those special moments with your five year!

loriann said...

Hey C!
Ah, the goal, paint what you is not till later and you are back in the studio when the seeing, knowing and feeling get mixed together and then wrapped up like a wonderful juicy calzone. celebrate Spring!

Hi Casey, Methinks thank you! Tell me now you like the duster.

Hi Maggie, Hope you find the tip useful. And yes dusting (except with pastels) is overrated.

Donna T said...

We are all learning a lot from your five year old students! Now if they will only keep their love of learning going. With a house on the market I'm sure I dust more than all of you together, lol!

loriann said...

Hi Donna,
Any luck on the house sale?
Love of learning is so important. One must never lose it. I really enjoy watching it grow in your young artists. They are pure learners.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Loriann!

What a timely post, just when I was thinking I had to pull out the vacuum cleaner again. I'll give it a try.

5 year olds can utter truth at the drop of a hat, don't you think? What a great story!! Don't assume, just look and really notice what it is that is real and true and visible.

A 3 year old recently told me "Cat's don't sit" as opposed to dogs, who do. Oh, to have the wisdom of a child.

loriann said...

Hi Kvan,
I think you will enjoy the quickee version of cleaning the box. Still the vacuum cleaner is tops for an almost full clean...which falls next to the "take em out, wash the foams" clean up. Let me know how it goes, k?
Love your 3 year old's cat's don't sit. And how, cats do whatever they please!

Double "D" said...

Greetings B,

Children are so innocent, honest and
insightful well beyond there age.
Always startling and heart warming to
an adult. They lead by example without
even trying.

Now, what am I to do with a feature duster?
I know what Mary would have me do.
Hope all is well and the healing is progressing


Dan Kent said...

I remember thinking as a child that shadows have color. It was as though only I knew - it felt like a secret knowledge, and in a way it is. It would have been wonderful to have had the experience as a child that you are creating for these children. The boy is so lucky.

loriann said...

Hi PB,
Good to see you back. I hope the northern cold air isn't too shocking.
Yes, I agree with you children teach me every day. Sometimes I am amazed at the color combinations they put together and have them work. Ones I wouldn't dream of!
As for the feather duster....I am not quite sure if that tip can help a watercolorist, unless of course you need a big brush!
cheerio my friend,b
PS still getting better each day!

loriann said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.
It sounds like your alert child mind was in discovery mode...the object seems to be keeping it that way, don't you think? Noticing that shadows have color is eye opening. It must have been like a revelation! Did you tell anyone?

Jane Hunt said...

That's amazing that he noticed that! Always good to be reminded to look closer. Thanks for the duster tip too :)