Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what do you think about when you plan your paintings?

21x21 pastel on Uart
This is one of my favorite paintings. I created it about 2 years ago and it was an awakening of sorts. I show it again now to lead into my next post.

What do you think about when planning your paintings?

I was considering that the other day when I spoke about dominant value. I thought about it and  made a list.
Here goes:
1. concept- why are you painting this?
2. What is the mood you want to create?
3. Where is the focal point?
4. Where are the two supporting characters that lead to the focal point? Remember you may have only one real diva.
5.What kind of light are you painting and where does it originate?
6.What is the dominant value?
7. What is the dominant color?
6. What is the dominant temperature?

Each day I will take one of these ideas and talk a little more in depth. I did number 6 (dominant value) yesterday.

After writing the list I realized that the funniest thing about painting is it requires a lot of thinking...yet the goal we aim for is to let the painting speak and take over, let go of the thinking. I guess it is once again like cooking-you need the ingredients (or reasonable facsimiles) and then you can wing it.


Casey Klahn said...

I am only now learning to slow down before painting. Maybe by next month, I won't be doing this at all. Who knows?

I did a list like this last year, and it was very effective for me. I divided it between subjective and objective elements, and reviewed all the paintings I had to accomplish the list.

I love this painting. Very quiet, and the edges are seamless. It has a subtle mood.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

It really ticks me off when I spend ten minutes responding to your question only to have blogger tell me they were unable to complete the task. If I cool off later maybe I'll try again. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG!


Domi said...

Hey Loriann, I'm just testing your comment feature while we're trying to figure out what's wrong with it! Crossing my fingers! -- D

Domi said...

Did we fix it? This will be the test!

loriann said...

Hey Domi!!! I think you fixed it!!!!

loriann said...

Hi Casey,
Slowing down is so important for me too...especially in plein air. The list has helped me look with new eyes at the paintings in the drawer- the ones neither here or there. This kind of list makes us think.
Thank you about the painting.

loriann said...

Hi PB, Sorry about the blogger snafu. Please do come back and tell me what you are thinking!-b

elly said...

Ah the great technique of thinking without which you are doomed to just blithering. I tell my dancers all the time that when we are dancing we are thinking! Dear artists I "paint" through movement so be patient with my comments. I love this blog as there is so much to learn and be inspired by!

Jane Hunt said...

This is a gorgeous piece - how wonderful that it created an awakening for you! You pose some great questions, and it's so interesting to hear your thought process. I think I need to slow down, think more, and dive in less!

loriann said...

Hi Elly, thanks for your thoughts. As you know anyone is welcome to comment. The arts share threads of a tapestry, there is little difference. Thinking and letting go are big is having the knowledge to do so. You are never blithering!
Cheers my friend!

loriann said...

Hi Jane,
yes slowing down is essential...something I constantly remind myself to do. Thanks for your kind comment about this painting!

Double "D" said...

Hey B,

It just happened again, I'll send you an email.
Something is up between our two blogs.


loriann said...

WoW that's weird PB! I wonder what is going on???? Email me and we'll talk, k? -b