Sunday, May 8, 2011

the canal, early morning and color temperature

There is nothing better than the canal on a warm May morning.
Today I decided to do a full color (somewhat tempered) underpainting and then let loose on the pastel.
As always I began with my focal point, which this time was the place where the sky, the tree branch and the canal meets. I liked the way the leaves of the tree appeared so  cool and the sky warm. Have you ever noticed that determining the temperature and the value, is more important than the color itself? It was hard (but necessary) to pull back color from other areas so that that portion could shine.
I know this one is not finished, even though I worked it to death. Maybe in a day or two I will vacuum off some pastel, fix other parts and begin again...Who knows what might happen?
Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
This past Friday I went into NYC to see the exhibition, Cezanne's Card Players. There were some incredible paintings in this small but choice exhibition. There were some wonderful paintings from the Courtauld . I also spent time viewing the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists .The painting that you have posted for today of the canal reminds me very much of Monet's paintings and also Sisley's wonderful landscapes. I know that you have said that this painting is not finished so I am reluctant to comment- this painting has some wonderful painterly passages especially in the sky and water.
Perhaps it would be best to leave it alone and do another painting of the same local at the same time but on different days?

The painting posted on May 6th is also a landscape but the color is more from within you than perhaps
the landscape itself. The intensity of the yellow vibrating against the blues & greens is visually rewarding, Even though the two paintings that I commented on are different in their approach to color they both convey a definite sense of place.

Donna T said...

I like the way the pinks in the sky filter down to the water, connecting those two areas. My eyes are drawn to the contrast between the yellow leaves on the left and the cool blue trunks. I hope you'll show us any changes you make, Loriann. I have never used a vacuum to remove pastel - I need to try that!

loriann said...

Hi Nj,
Thanks about this painting. You are probably right...I will leave it alone (for now)
Sometimes, when I don't achieve what I desire it can be very frustrating...but every painter knows that!
The show in NYC sounds great. Where is it? I hope to get up to the city sometime soon, maybe I'll catch it.
As for the painting of May 6th...yes it was an exploration into new possibilities. Right now I am working on another..same idea taken in a new way.
Thanks for your insightful comments!

loriann said...

Hi Donna!
I like the way you describe the painting. If the changes I finally make are good...I'll let you see it, ok? Who knows????
PS vacuum cleaners have many uses!