Tuesday, May 24, 2011

studies for later paintings

18x9 pastel and watercolor

One thing I always do before a plein air competition is scout out the territory. I really don't like to come in cold. So much of painting is about the feel, not just the light and things.
Recently I have really enjoyed the very long vertical, so I plan to do at least one long vertical. Last year I did a couple squares and rectangles from this view. I used those and created a new idea. It's the essence of downtown Cumberland right after sunset. Knowing that I would do this vertical format, I had to a special frame made to accommodate my  possible work. This painting (above) won't count, of course, but it gave me ideas. It's simpler if you just use standard sizing...but oh dear....no I wouldn't want anything simple??? Would I? I also made a small square frame of my favorite gold scoop chops.
Rules for a plein air competition demand that all work must be done on site, during the prescribed times. You get your board/canvases stamped on the beginning day and must use only those for your new work.  Plein air competitions are sort of nerve wracking...that is till you produce the first painting that you like. It's only then you breathe a sigh of relief. "Ah, I am not a total failure and won't embarrass myself!" I say. Normally I am a very positive person, but in these competitions the pressure often makes me feel VERY insignificant...more than usual.

PS Last night while doing my "observation walk" I saw the first firefly of the year!! Yipee, summer is here!


Jane Hunt said...

I've just enjoyed going back through your last few posts. You really do well in the long vertical format - very striking!
The competition sounds fun - you'll do great :)

Leah said...

Insignificant is just not a word I'd ever use to describe you, Loriann! You have made significant differences in the lives of so many. I speak from personal experience. Go and do what you do best and ... watch out Cumberland! Remember you are the only Loriann Signori.

SamArtDog said...

Oh! This one is breath-taking!
Don't worry 'bout nuthin'; I remember the ones you did last year, and they were awesome. Show them some WWPs... but I guess there's not time. Is there?

It's so nice to hear you're out there again. The fireflies don't light up for just anyone, ya know.

loriann said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for taking the time to go back through my recent vertical posts. I love working with the "ceiling of the sky and playing with the warm and cool.Thanks for the positive thoughts about the competition!

Hi Leah, my bestest of friends! You are always so kind and supportive of me.Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you lots of sunlight in rainy Nova Scotia!

Hi Sam and thank you!!! I will try to practice some WWPs. Thanks for your vote of confidence. Thanks also for remembering my last year's paintings.
PS I saw many many fireflies today. Happiness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
This painting soars!! It is quite simply a tour de force-the sky and foreground- there is nothing more to be added . You have gone on to the next level-as I wrote you are in the ZONE. The 18/9 format is yours. You will own Cumberland-enjoy that landscape and have a
great time.


Caroline said...

Looks like there is a storm coming in Loriann in your beautiful painting. A striking painting.

Donna T said...

Stunning, gorgeous painting, Loriann! I'm sure the firefly is your good luck omen! You don't need to worry about doing good work. You have the ability to paint the essense of a scene like no other!

loriann said...

Thanks NJ! In the zone..oooooh that sounds good. I do feel changed. Today when looking tat my wall of skies I saw my oxycontin inspired paintings (boy, those were free!)and moving forward to the memory paintings of the last 2 months. Big changes! Thanks for noticing.

loriann said...

Thanks you so much Caroline. I am loving painting skies. I think you understand.

Hi Donna, Thanks so much for your vote of confidence!!!

Brian McGurgan said...

I'm enjoying each of these recent vertical paintings, Loriann, and the feel for the vault of the sky they give. I like the subtlety of the color and values in the sky of this one, especially. The plein air competitions certainly sound nerve-racking and full of pressure, not sure if I'd be up for all that. We were out for a walk in "our" park in the city and I was wondering when we might start seeing fireflies - sounds like it will be soon!

loriann said...

Hi Brian! Verticals are so exciting for me right now. I needed to shake things up a little and then an odd shaped piece of paper showed up! My destiny!
PS I hope you see a firefly soon. Remember to make a wish on the first one!