Friday, May 20, 2011

wonder is the key to discovery

about 10x18 pastel on wallis

Wonder is the key to discovery. You can easily see this is true when you watch young children. It is no different for adults.
That brings me to explain why I am vacuuming  old paintings and making nocturnes from  memories long past. It's actually quite exhilerating and freeing to just work on the paper and just see what happens. I choose colors because I like them and I watch to see what happens if I...?


Takeyce Walter said...

Wonderful things are happening with this series, Loriann. Love the moodiness. Feels like a dream.

SamArtDog said...

I see reflections of reflections of reflections. Stories telling stories. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
This painting evokes that time when day becomes night. There is a feeling of closure and quiet. The colors sing to each other. I want to take a cup of hot tea , sit and contemplate this scene
Regarding yesterdays 10/23-the feeling of open space in a suburban area .I liked how you handled the color/temperature transitions in this one. The top of this painting has a wonderful gestural quality and the interaction of color w/that deep blue ! The simplicity and deep color of the bottom section of the painting which allows the sky to dominate. I enjoyed both of these paintings very much.

NJ ARt 73

Casey Klahn said...

The moodiness, and the thinking quality. Sketching over old works - love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann, I think to work intuitively and not worry about the outcome is very freeing….also re-working old paintings is interesting, because you bring new life to something old, which is kind of like working in layers… your initial intent and energy of the piece is still there, but you are bringing all your new learnt experiences of painting to it. Fascinating!
I am realizing more and more, that it (creating a painting) is as much about what we take off as we put on. Kitty Wallis talked about this very concept in an article for the Pastel Journal quite some years back (2004 or 2005?) and I didn’t really ‘get it’ at the time, but understand it more now.

Adam Cope said...


moving away from direct observation via the sense gates en plein-air

what are you discovering? paintings that might have been ... paintings that express the artist's 'inner necessity' plus a curiousity about picture making rather than the direct observation en plain-air.

discovery well, Lorian :-)

ps. images of the river dordogne coming up chez-moi.

loriann said...

Hi Takeyce! I never thought about it as a series. Thanks for pointing that out. Thank you about the painting.

Hi SAm!
Stories telling stories, i like that!

Hi NJ!
I like the way you describe the painting. I am happy it makes you want to sit back and contemplate. It works then.
Thanks about the painting I posted before this. I am loving working with how the temperature of the sky changes.
Thanks for your input!

Thanks Casey. Moodiness...good.

Hi Maggie,
Yes, I have been freed! I will look for that Kitty Wallis issue of PJ. Thanks.

Hi Adam,
I hear what you say.You ask what I am discovering??? Maybe that there is so much in my head and heart that my plein air inspiration is best used as a simple springboard, no more. Don't be tempted to put more in. Essence, no more. That's it! Thanks!
PS I'll drop my to see your river soon!

Adam Cope said...

Dear Lorian
sorry I came across wrong.. I only meant rehetorically 'what r u discoverin' as I hazarded a reply to that myself ... ho hum...yes yr recent landscapes are paired down to the minimum & the emphasise on the skies makes them difficult to pin down to a particular space (tho skies do indeed have their unique feel which does depend on latititude/longitude) ...

i feel more than essentials yr landscapes are rich in feeling & suggestion... landscape as states of mind rather than geographical... ie what the artist brings becomes more important than the place itself.

be well, create well.