Tuesday, July 26, 2011

working big

10x14 pastel
10x14 pastel

Plein air painting is a passion of mine, and many other painters. There is nothing better than going out there, even when it is 95 degrees plus. Taking these smaller works and bringing them to the studio is a whole other animal, both have validity. Once when in NYC I was speaking with a gallery owner and he said that he did not prefer plein air work as he felt they are usually containing too much information. Back then I felt shocked, but now, years later I know what he meant.  That brings me to my goal in the studio right now. Distill and reduce down to just the essence of the concept. That is why I felt my memory work was so much stronger than my plein air, distillation. So that is where I am now, early morning in the field and then the rest of the day in the studio- reducing. I am working very large (for me), two paintings:4 ftx 4ft and 2ftx 3ft. All the work comes from my favorite place (above).

On another note, I have decided how to reformat my blog.  Weeklies. Instead of my daily posting, every Monday you will see my new, juicier, post. This will allow more painting time for me, yet keep connections to all my blogger friends. ( I missed you.) So be sure to stop by. I will respond to comments, but my speed may not be as fast as I once was, due to my limited (self-imposed) computer time.
Tata, Loriann


SamArtDog said...

These two new paintings are good challenges. I think I'm partial to the deeper shadows of the first one, though the contrast between the two is delightful.

You've made some great new plans. Working bigger, doing more memory work and posting weekly all sound very smart. I'll be looking forward to Mondays!

Casey Klahn said...

Congratulations on your direction of working bigger. I will follow with eagerness.

These are wonderful, and I especially love the second one.

Double "D" said...

Always the gal with a plan.

Looking forward to the larger format.
Hope the arm and ribs are healed well and
you can preform your paintings without pain.

These post are nice ... I'm with Sam ... #1 works
for me.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I have certainly missed you and your posts, Loriann! Now I can really look forward to Mondays!

These are so soft and beautiful. Very exciting to hear about your plans to go big in the studio.

I am now in a plein air painting workshop and I can attest to the fact that my paintings have too much information. Your gallery owner was right. But, I'm not done, nope. Just getting started, in fact.

'til Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
You have posted two paintings that while similar have subtle differences .I like how you have handled the
reflections in the water and the different color chords in the sky for each painting. Your weekly blog is an excellent idea. Continued success on your journey.

loriann said...

Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. I am LOVING working big. Big strokes... big ideas. Yay!

Hi Casey!I really am enjoying this total focus time. It changes everything! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi pb!

Everything is doing great. I have been doing Bikram (hot) yoga each day and it has helped tremendously! No pain! I hope you are well and enjoying summer.

Hi Kvan,
Thanks for your kind words. Which workshop are you taking?

Donna T said...

Hi Loriann! It's good to know you are doing well and I look forward to a weekly Loriann fix. Your plein air work is so beautiful and I know your distillations of them will really express your feelings of the scene and time. I'm off to a rental house in NY on Friday and moving into our "real" house at the end of August or early Sept. I can't wait to get my pastels out again someday!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Loriann, I've missed stopping by but now I will look forward to Mondays even more. It's interesting to compare the two pastels that you have posted. The depth of perspective in no.2's water does it for me. I think because I feel a greater sense of tranquility. Have a great week and I'll see you Monday.

loriann said...

Hi NJ,
It always amazes me how different the same place looks every single day. The nuances matter so much, in painting and in life. Don't you think? Thanks for dropping by!

Deborah Elmquist said...

So glad to see you posting again. Your big pieces are even more amazing than the small. Keeping a painting simple and leaving out is a struggle for me. You do it so well.

Caroline said...

Gosh you do capture atmosphere so perfectly Loriann. What a beautiful stillness there is within each painting. Reminds me of the very peaceful and poetic works of our friend Janelle in that you too are capturing the mood and lighting of the day so well. Your styles are very different but both are poetic. Looking forward to Monday already, miss you, yet it is good that you are so disciplined and working so hard. Take care.

Ed Terpening said...

Beautiful work. I struggle with these same issues. Your perspective is very helpful.

PS. I went from daily blogging to roughly weekly, too. These blogs are hungry for content, and when it starts to impact painting time, it's tme to back off.

loriann said...

Hi Donna! That is so exciting...you did it!Send me photos of your real home in NY. What a great adventure. Enjoy!

Hi Lisa~
It's good to hear from you again! We are in agreement, I prefer number two as well. See you soon. I will come by and visit sometime soon.

loriann said...

Hi Deborah,
You are right painting simply is much harder than keeping all of the information. It is a struggle for me as well.It's all a process.Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Hi Caroline!
Thanks for your kind and supportive words. My goal is peaceful beauty...yet it is so funny that it's a struggle to make it. heh.... Janelle's work is beautiful. Thank you for the comparison. See you on Monday!

Hi Ed,
I think the issue of time is there for all of us. I guess it's about deciding priorities and remembering those things can change..(as do we.) Thanks for the compliment about my work!

Adam Cope said...

i really enjoy these two paintings

glad u r following yr art & not 'feeding the blog'

slow sometimes really is best

this endless tussle between plein-air & studio

between conception & preception

create well

loriann said...

Hi Adam, yes, the endless tussles..it will always be there. Thanks for your support and kind words!

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