Monday, October 10, 2011

new method

10x10 pastel on UArt
 Exciting times and a new method! As always I am painting in layers, but this time the layers are different. All my time spent painting in the studio(with oil) is changing my ways. Originally it was Richard McKinley who peaked my interest in this new method. I still use my favorite paper, Uart, but I now start with NuPastels (a very hard pastel normally not my favorite because of it fugitive nature.) A light pastel layer in place, I next use Spectra-Fix as if it was water. It makes the pastel move, but also gives it a shiny, thicker surface. Next comes another liquid layer- a transparent layer of watercolor. The watercolor moves in and out with the spectra-fix layer, creating a similar vibration as the marble dust did....sort of like glazing with oils. After that dries I finish with soft pastel. It takes less pastel since so much of the underpainting does the work. The method allows me to focus on the edges in a different way.

Great quote of the week:
"In order to use color effectively, it is necessary to realize that color deceives continually." Josef Albers

 Think simultaneous contrast.


Caroline said...

Hello Loriann, Wow I love this painting it is beautiful and very painterly, reminds me of a Van Gogh in the way the sky seems to be full of energy. Love also the quiet dark areas of this painting. I was very interested to read how this painting was created, amazing to think you could lay a glaze of watercolour over a layer of dried pastel that had some sort of sealant by the sounds of things. Then more pastel! Experimenting can be tricky at times yet this has worked very well indeed. Well done!

Leah said...

It seems to me no matter the method, you always get lovely results. This one has some different and interesting colours for you. I like the subject too... a meandering into the mist.

Debora L. Stewart said...

I love experimenting with new ways. I may have to try the watercolor on top of pastel. Sounds interesting. I love the results in your painting. It has much depth.

Liz Steinglass said...

I feel the path beckoning me.

loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline,
It's interesting. I hated this painting for most of its painting time...I just couldn't get it. Then something told me to step away from the easel. I was just looking at it too close. The experimenting is tricky yet exciting!!!!
Thank you!

Hi Leah! You are so nice to me. It helps that you are my best friend! Thanks!

Hi Debora,
Try the spectra-fix I think you will like it. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Liz,
That means it works!

beth vendryes williams said...

I am intrigued by your beautiful work. Loriann.

Thank you for mentioning SpectraFix in one of your posts! I had avoided pastels because of the necessary use of fixative in the past. When I saw the ingredients, I realized it was similar to Degas' recipe. It works beautifully!
I look forward to more posts of and about your work.
I, too, like the concept of having a blog and a website.
It creates a depth and diversity,
Thank you, again!

Donna T said...

Hi Loriann - I agree with all of the above: beautiful and painterly with those mysterious, quiet dark areas. Wonderful! Since it's possible that much of your background color will show through maybe it would be in your best interest to use Polychromos hard pastels instead of Nupastels? I'm not 100% sure but I think the Polychromos are much more lightfast. It would be a shame for any of your colors to fade over time and effect the sense of depth you achieve with layering. Just a thought.

Sara Mathewson said...

I was going to say what Donna did about using polychromos instead of nupastel. They are said to be more lightfast. I have the whole set of polychromos and love them. they are a bit creamier than nupastel to me and they don't produce as much dust because of this. i love spectrafix but will have to try this method, i would have never thought to do this.
Your painting is so beautiful and you do achieve such depth with this process. i love it!

loriann signori said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you for all your kind words.You are right it is the recipe degas used and it does work beautifully...very versatile too! I agree with you, having both a website and blog is a good combo. The blog offers communication and the website shows your stuff. I'll be by to check yours! L

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna and Sara,
You are both right about Polychromos. They are very light fast. I do use those and Cretacolors. Fortunately and unfortunately my fave color is a Nu-Pastel and I am addicted. So I guess I was wrong implying they were all Nu-pastels....just some. Sometimes I just forget, they look alike.
Try the Spectra-fix, I think you will like it!

Sarah said...

thanks for sharing your process, it's inspiring! I always want to run out the door with my paints after visiting your site. :~)

loriann signori said...

Thanks and enjoy!

Jenna said...

YOu are really an amazing artist!