Monday, December 19, 2011


small oil study on wood
I am probably one of the least likely of people to encourage "incrementally." I am the one that jumps without looking...wonders later. Finally, I am appreciating the virtues of "incrementally." (You can laugh now Richard.) Glazing is sort of like sneaky painting. You want one color...but oh no you don't mix it and put it down....that would be too easy and most of all that would lack the jewel-like beauty. Instead you think backwards and build from there. I want a certain grayed down warm green I start with magenta and work my way up, always careful for the edges.
It actually meets my ADHD type of way of working. In one day I may work on small layers of 5 paintings or just one painting.
small oil study on wood
another exploration

I keep thinking about the de Kooning retrospective and his  explorations. Truly painting is that... .. a constant exploration.  Making my small woodie studies helps me branch out to new color harmonies and not just rely on my plein air piece.  It's gets a full life of its own from the start.  In addition, I love the feel of these small wooden paintings in my hands and I love lining up 20 of them in a row.
line of woodie studies and paintings in process

 Row of possibilities.

One more thing:
I also count on my multitude of sketchbooks that rest in a basket beside my easel. Small sketches and lots of written reminders of color observed that's what you'll find in the basket.

A basket of ideas.


Donna T said...

Your little studies look so nice lined up in the window, Loriann. Paintings are always so much more interesting when one color is built upon another; like lines of poetry that contribute to the whole poem. Your work is so inspiring! Happy Holidays!

Casey Klahn said...

I think this glazing is the essence of luminous oils, but I am on the outside looking in.

A fun look, and these are jewel-like beauties.

The studio looks nice, especially with the backlit sunlight!

SamArtDog said...

Great to see those little "woodies" lining the sills of your glorious windows! Quite a contrast from your former digs. You'll see that all of that daylight will effect your romance with color. And don't you feel like this new studio is one of your finest works?
Have a happyhappyhappy Christmas!

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna! happy holidays to you ...will you get snow up there in new york state?

Thanks Casey! I do love my new studio.

Hi Sam, You are right it is quite a contrast to all my past studio. This one feels like a palace. Happy Christmas to you!

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, what size are your wee paintings? I think they are wonderful and what a splendid way to explore skies and tonal values. Each one of those skies looks so different depicting evening skies and evening ones too. Would you consider framing them? if so I wonder how you would do that, would you be able to fix them to a matt. I saw a small painting done on a panel during the summer exhibition down by Deeside here in the highlands. It was a painting done on a panel very small yet attached to a matt it looked very effective as the matt stood proud of the matt. All under glass too with an attractive frame. I must do some small studies I am getting confused again as to light and dark areas in the sky again, all easy when I read Deborah's course notes but not so once I get painting! Beautiful wee gems Loriann.

Caroline said...

Sorry, that should read 'the painting stood proud of the matt' and I meant to write both evening and dawn skies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
Beautiful studies----you have your own color language. Your new studio looks great.
Have a Merry Christmas!!


loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your comments!
I love doing the wee paintings. They are all about freedom and exploration. Most of them are about 6"x5". I will frame them and have them hanging with the painting they inspired. They will be in my next show, in April. Since they are oil, rather than pastel I will frame w/o glass and maybe with a linen liner for breathing space. Maybe a scoop frame. Was the painting you saw, the one with the mat, an oil?
Enjoy your small studies. Your paintings are gorgeous, if there is confusion it's just because you're moving forward. Paint on my friend!
Merry Christmas!

Hi NJ!
Thank you. It feels good to think that I am developing my own color language. Merry Christmas!

Caroline said...

Hi Loriann, I just wanted to say that the painting was in oils on a board stuck to a matt then glass and a frame. It sounds strange yet it looked very beautiful. I wish I had taken a photograph but it was in an exhibition and I didn't have my camera at the time. Have you seen Jala's wee gems they look very attractive don't they in the dark frames and broad matts. Thank you for you words about my paintings I do have trouble with the values but will indeed paint on! Happy painting!

loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for the explanation. I can't completely picture it though. I do know that when I frame them they need "breathing space" If you see that style again please send me a pic if you can, ok?
Yes I have seen Jala's beauties. Paint on!