Monday, March 26, 2012

decide what you love

To create that magic you need to decide what you love about your subject and the color that says the mood..
This scene obsessed me. I saw it when I was driving and had it in my head for a couple of days. Finally, after hearing the weather report I new the conditions were going to be right. The next early morning  I zipped out to the location. I was delighted that it still held the magic I once saw. Mystery, soft and wonderful mystery. The mystery and wonder that only Spring holds. Not syrupy sweet, soft and expectant.
Next, pick a color that says the mood.  Remember that color is fully your choice.... it's what you think is important. Then you choose the other colors that are related to that color family. Color dominance can be like cooking. For instance when I cook Italian food (which is often) I will always have garlic, onions and basil on hand. Yes, sometimes fennel, anise and oregano come in as well, but I never accompany that same meal with dishes made with cumin, garam marsala or cilantro. Pick from the family that influences your creation favorably.
In this painting the fog had a green spring glow, deep fog and a hint of light.  And while the landscape is predominately warm, fog cools it. Using an analogous palette of green to blues I tried to set a feel. A warm orange underpainting made the necessary warmth.
Painting what you love and knowing why you love it seems simple and it is. Most importantly it requires that you set an intention.


Donna T said...

That is such good advice! Mood is not a by-product of painting; it has to be crafted from the very beginning. I like your spring green fog!

Susan Roux said...

Your work is beautiful. I'm glad I found you.

Casey Klahn said...

I have a particular love for this kind of electric green foreground. You explain the technique very well, and your harmonizing of this scene works.

And, there are farm animals! I love that.

Katherine Kean said...

Great insight - gorgeous painting!

Your cooking analogy brings the message home - simple ingredients, yet fresh.

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna!
Well put..crafted from the beginning. We are not painters of things or places.

Hi Susan and thank you!I am delighted that you found me too!

Hi Casey and thank you. Farm animals are few and far between here. I AM fascinated by them and I hope they make more appearances in my new work.

Hi Katherine and thank you for your comment. Cooking and painting are so similar, don't you think?

Gail Watford said...

Love your work!!!!

Katherine Kean said...

Loriann - Yes - cooking and painting have many things in common!

loriann signori said...

Thank you Gail!

Katherine, we can even make metaphors with chocolate.

Lisa McShane said...

Loriann -
I love the fog and the marks in the foreground!

loriann signori said...

Hi Lisa!
Thanks...the marks were the thing that made me finally stop working on that one.Thanks for stopping by.