Saturday, July 21, 2012

fog on whidbey

When I arrived in Washington this year I went straight out to my favorite place to paint. It was raining too much to take my pastels outside so I sat in the rental car with the radio on and painted. (not bad) While I love living in  sunshine, the skies here are pure inspiration.  I spent the following days (Monday-Friday) working with Richard- my  yearly check-up with the doctor. I will blog all kinds of good stuff about that time later. Right now I only have 12 more painting hours so I must go. Toodles for now.


Leah Noonan said...

This is beautiful. Good thing you went to the west coast for fog, cause here on the east coast we're having nothing but sunshine.

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Love this painting Loriann! The colors and composition are fabulous!

bazza said...

I enjoy the subtlety of this picture and love the range of hinted-at colour in the skies of this series.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Casey Klahn said...

No sun any time while you were here? I consider your trip a success if you don't get locked out of your house, or run into a bear.

I hope you had a good time, Loriann. Post more of your works - this one has intrigue. I commiserate with the earth tones - very Whidbey Island.

loriann signori said...

Hi leah,

The West coast had fog, but not as much as usual...still the skies were tumultuous and beautiful. Glad you are in sunshine!!!!

Thanks Eden!

Hi Bazza,
You caught the aspect that enticed me to paint this!

Hi Casey,

Yes there were moments of sunshine, one day in particular...but I must admit that is not what draws me to the state!
And this time no lock outs or skunk, but I stayed free of this new fragrance. A success it was indeed. What is like in your parts?

B Boylan said...

Definitely Northwets! Love the soft, subtle colorations in the fog that leaves one to wonder and seek more.

loriann signori said...

Thanks Brneda. Yes The true so true...and yes oh so beautiful!