Monday, August 27, 2012

ode to warm and cool colors

10x10 pastel
sorry...I don't know what gets into me sometimes. Here it goes.

ode to warm and cool colors

Warm and cool colors, oh we love you so!
Let me describe the ways.
Ah! With simple shifts of warm and cool you can describe a shape while keeping the value the same.

You make vibration when we layer you delicately- especially in water or sky.

Oh my!

Little wonders, that you are, you can also define a shape, without needing to make a big value contrast.

So versatile are you...
we can't help but love you so!


Leah Noonan said...

Love the ode!

Casey Klahn said...

The proof is the pastels you have done. So wonderful and I will say sublime. Warm and cool - words to live by.

John O'Grady said...

There is joy in your ode that reflects the joy and wonder you bring to your work

loriann signori said...

Thanks Leah!

Thanks Casey!

Thank you John...sometimes I think i am possessed with joy to work!

Donna T said...

Ha! I knew it - you ARE a poet! Sometimes you use pigments and sometmes you use words but you express yourself so well. I see the color vibration and I feel the quiet mood too!