Monday, August 13, 2012

river and paper

10x10 pastel
About a year ago my friend Donna Timm gave me some of her homemade pastel paper. For years I have been using Uart exclusively. The other day when I went to my flat file there it was- Donna's paper. My August 2nd painting was made using it. I loved the white so much that immediately I returned to making my own surface. Why did I stop I wonder? I guess, I stopped out of laziness. I stopped and instead painted on Uart. But now, as I am in my self-created "slow down to sensitivity program" I am making a surface.
Donna used a heavy weight Fabiano 300 hot press watercolor paper, I used Rives100% rag watercolor paper and have ordered some Fabiano. It fascinating just how much the WHITE affects the luminosity.
I mounted my paper with linco adhesive (archival, reversible, acid free) and then mixed my surface.
Recipe: 1 cup gesso, 1/4 cup marble dust plus 1TB, 1/4 cup water
I guess i will roll with what happens.


Roger Seddon said...

Kitty Wallis paper, only available in the USA much to the disappointment of UK pastelists, is also good. Brilliant white ground anhd very durable, more so than Uart. Will try the homemade recipe, but what is "1TB" Best wishes, Roger

loriann signori said...

Hi Roger,
I too love wallis and didn't know it wasn't available to UK pastelists. Long ago it was the BEST paper out there, but now I do find it unreliable. I have had many "orange-peel" sheets sent to me that I changed to Uart. I like white underneath and Uart now is a light oatmeal...much better than it was before and a reliable paper. My recipe - add 1 TB is a tablespoon.That said, today I placed 3 extra tablespoons worth in the recipe to make more grit. Basically the mixture is best when it's like pancake batter, not crepe batter, but the thicker pancake. Good luck making it. Let me know how it works out, K?

Donna T said...

I like the soft reflections in this one and the peek of the sky in the river. Thanks for the recipe Loriann. I haven't played with marble dust yet so I need to find some.

Casey Klahn said...

Here are 2 videos I found regarding mounting paper. The longer one, linked first, uses Lineco.

The subtlety of the artwork you post here is very attractive. My my - I love the suggestion of density and shadow at the river bank.

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna..thank YOU! I also found gamblim absorbent for watercolor!

loriann signori said...

Hi Casey!
Thanks about my river painting. Thank you too about the videos. I will view them this weekend.