Thursday, October 25, 2012

sedona 2

 Finally I visited the red rocks of Sedona. They were so foriegn at first (still are actually.) It really makes me realize how a painter's choice of subject matter is like a relationship. You wouldn't kiss someone right have to get to know them. Understand a little about them. Know what makes them tick. It's the same with painting... or writing...or probably any creative endeavor. That relationship (painter to subject) is an intimate bond. You have to really feel passionate about your subject. That said, I LOVE a good field.
Today all 30 painters will be at the Quick Draw from 10-12. If you are in town drop by and visit. We will be at the Sedona Heritage Museum.
One last note... yesterday I was down at the cathedral rocks and happened upon this friend... a rattlesnake on the rocks.


Liz Steinglass said...

Yes, you do seem to love a good field. I find it fascinating that people's knowledge of a domain can really shine through in their work. My mom who was a pediatrician and then a photographer takes magical photographs of children. And my in-laws who were architects before they were painters can really make the architectural details sing. They are able to access their understanding in such a different way.

Caroline Simmill said...

Beautiful paintings that seem to glow in the late afternoon sunshine, reminds me of the work of Monet.

Double "D" said...

Great work B. I like your interpretations.

Casey Klahn said...

I think you are getting the Sedona skies just right. Bravo! Best wishes in the event.

I see you found a scary animal, too!!