Thursday, March 28, 2013


I have been soooooooo stuck for about 3 months. Finally I am rising out of the muck and find myself frenzied with ideas. Ideas about skies. For a long time I was almost afraid to paint big again. I felt I didn't have a strong enough concept. I needed to feel. Months of monotypes and small (6x6") paintings have opened a door. Just in time I was beginning to feel however small a "genius" visits me had found a new home. She is back. Here's a link to Elizabeth's ted talk about "genius".


Caroline Simmill said...

Greetings from Scotland Loriann. I would not have believed you felt lost when looking back at the work you have been posting here on your blog this winter. I can see a journey and have enjoyed the inspirational quotes from the artist's who's work you admire so much. Good to hear you are working in inner harmony again. All the best to you and hope the early spring time flowers are opening in your garden across the pond.

Barbara said...

I just watched Elizabeth's talk through your link. Thank you!

Vivian Patton said...

I have been working on skies too. They are great inspiration for me. Thank you for the link to Elizabeth's talk.

loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline..I guess we always have a high bar that can never be reached and it can be confusing finding the way.
As for Spring we had a nice warm day yesterday....daffodils are blooming. What's it like on your side of the pond?

Hi Barbara! I am glad you liked the talk.

Hi Vivian!
Skies are so open and without "edges" leaving so much to us. Enjoy your journey. Glad you liked Elizabeth's talk.