Monday, March 25, 2013

passion for skies

oil, 12x12

Skies, hmmm. What are they, but layers of air that appears to have real heft.  But, it's just air with moisture. The clouds have personalities. Each one is different and full of surprises. They are 3 dimensional shapes.  It's important that there are no harsh lines or cut-outs in your clouds. Knowing where your light source originates is important to make the clouds/sky convincing. After that it's really warm next to cool, layered to make grays. Better still here is a great article about skies on Richard's Pastel Pointers Blog. He says it better than I can, so enjoy!

the underpainting
On another note, here is the underpainting for the painting above. I liked the beginning horizon line vibration, I unfortunately lost it in the painting....maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

I love the underpainting too... I often mess up amazing areas of texture or colour in my watercolour work by going too far with more layers of paint.
Loriann, have you seen your blog listed on Donna Zagotta's blog in her list of 22 Art Blogs to Watch 2013?

loriann signori said...

Hi maggie! it's good to know i have excellent company! Thanks for the heads up about Donna's blog. I had no idea!