Tuesday, July 2, 2013

why do we blog?

finished oil, 18x36
Fellow bloggers tell us your story. 
We bloggers always question our motivation for blogging. I have blogged since October 2007 and now I ponder how much the blog shapes my work and my time. Therefore I am taking a hiatus. During this time I will re-post some of the top posts during this time, some new and old interviews, but no new work. I want to see what happens if I take away the pressure of exposure. I think have enough work for the galleries for the next few months.... so my work will go undercover.
Maybe "my genius" will visit me more often and illuminate the path. maybe.


John Karl Claes said...

I'm sorry to see you go...but completely understand. Painting is not a "quick" process and the felt pressure to post is not necessarily a positive thing. Let the work go where it needs to go and I believe the paintings will become stronger.

Donna T said...

You deserve a break, Loriann! You share so much of yourself with all of us and we appreciate it but you and your work come first. Rest, relax and recharge!

Cathyann said...

We blog to network...to show our work, to talk with others who share our passions.Perhaps to get out of the studio , sort of?
I have found the experience energizing, but I, as well as some others, who were very regular have found that taking time away was great for our art making and those that are fans will return.
I found it exhausting to try to post each day. Not all of what I did was good enough in my estimation, to continue that way, just to stay visible. Strong work takes time and thought without distraction.
I enjoy your blog and will return at some point to see if you come back. But one does need a time to create. do it!
Best wishes!

Barbara said...

That sounds like a good idea for me too. Maybe I can do that in August. Have a nice break!

Jack said...

Love this painting,

loriann signori said...

Hi John,
I do not think I will be gone for good. In the meantime I will re-post old favorite posts.Here's to the paintings becoming stronger!

Hi Donna,
After I wrote that post I felt better and was more productive. Here's to a working bubble.

Hi Cathyann,
You are so right, blogging each day is exhausting.Those days are gone. I will be back, probably in September. Till then....look for some of the re-posts.

Hi Barbara, I am sure you know what I mean...here's to August!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Jack!

Carol Lee Beckx said...

Enjoy your break, I am sure it will be most productive. My approach to blogging is that I post when I have something to say or show, and seldom keep to a rigid timetable. In this way hopefully the content is kept relevant.