Monday, September 30, 2013

making the most of mistakes

"It may have been accidental but you knew enough to let this alone. The intelligent painter is always making use of accidents." Charles Hawthorne
I am not saying I am an intelligent painter, but I am one who often makes mistakes in my (plein air) haste. I am learning to no longer correct them, rather use them as a new road to something different. This is a mistake of dropped and smudged pastel, on a sunny day, that turned into something else.
 It turned out better than the sunny day painting.
(from Chincoteague Plein Air)


Jennifer said...

what a great philosophy to have as an artist - it's wonderful to see something new and different through one's mistakes!

loriann signori said...

So much in the world has been discovered through being open to our mistakes. My husband is a scientist and he seems to see the same thing. Something goes "wrong" and then you wonder...what if? You would think science and art would be far removed, but they aren't. It's the creative mind at work.
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