Friday, November 8, 2013

arbitrary lines we need to cross

I doubted my last painting (posted below on November 6) because I thought it had crossed an arbitrary line of saturated color. I thought it was too bright...too much color. I had gone overboard. I compared it to my other fields and said OMG I can't do that!
 Now, it like it better than the others. Go figure.
What arbitrary line have you met and crossed?

PS This one is called "twisted sisters." And my last painting of the maples is now named "hot mamas." All of these field paintings will be on display at the Waverly Street Gallery's December Holiday Show. Most of my paintings will be 6"x6", but the autumn tree and field paintings are double that size. I just can't resist putting them in the show. They feel celebratory!


Jennifer said...

I love the blend of fiery colors mixed with cool purples in this one!

brian eppley said...

Hi Loriann. Don't doubt yourself! These new pieces are quite identifying. I see a skeletal aspect appearing within the brilliant color schemes. A great blend of minimalist and colorist!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Jennifer. Fiery, I like that word!

Hi Brian! Thanks for taking the time to drop by. It has been a long time! Isn't doubting a piece of the puzzle? I guess each time we stretch, or take risks there is always the possibility of the doubting is there. I try to respond more than think. It's a challenge! A blend of minimalist and colorist....i like that.