Monday, November 25, 2013


In painting, whether oil, acrylic or pastel, the beauty of your edges are  like the melody in the song. Often overlooked, it's truly the sweetness of the edge that can make us feel the beauty. Just look at Wolf Kahn's subtle edges in my last post. WK is the master. Examine the close-up of his pastel that I posted (above). Yum.
The tools are the same no matter what the medium. Shifts in value, color, and temperature and use of thick and thin make it all happen. When you look at this pastel  you see all the tools in action. The one hardest to see in a photo is the thick and thin pastel. Pastelists use of light layers and thick chunky pieces just like oil painters. I feel that paintings that use of the same amount of pastel (paint) lose that air of mystery, that look deeper feel. Advice- use your tools. :-)


David Page Coffin said...


loriann signori said...

Thank you David!

Donna T said...

I agree: Gorgeous!!! What kind of paper (support) have you been using, Loriann, and are you doing some kind of under painting on these? You are really making those pigments vibrate!

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna and happy thanksgiving!
Thanks about my recent paintings and vibration. It's my goal. Usually I have been using thick watercolor paper and sanding it. I tone each paper according to its subject.